THG Asks: Did Scotty McCreery Deserve to Win American Idol?

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Today, THG Asks: Did Scotty McCreery deserve to win American Idol?

YES by Free Britney

Two words: 122 million. That's the number of people who crowned the newest American Idol this week.

Not exactly a small sample size. We could keep playing the numbers game - how many songs, how many aspirants he bested - but you get the idea.

Some will say Pia Toscano was ousted too soon, and she probably was. Ditto James Durbin. But can anyone really dispute Scotty McCreery's worthiness?

Many of this year's eliminations were controversial, but only relative to some of the contestants who outlasted them - not to Scotty specifically.

He's got an outstanding voice perfectly suited for country, and he proved it time and again. What he lacks in flair, he makes up for with talent.

Slow, smooth and steady won this race, and deservedly so.

The Idol Winner is ...

NO by Hilton Hater

Scotty McCreery is a fantastic singer. If I were going purely by voice, he'd have earned my vote as American Idol champion after his first audition.

But forget what the judges say: This is not purely a singing competition.

There are, and there should be, other factors at work. The legitimacy of Idol itself is at stake, especially with new competition such as The Voice and The X-Factor.

It really needs to crank out a successful winner, and Lauren Alaina stands a better chance at sustained success than Scotty does.

For whatever reason, male victors simply don't do well on the charts. Kris Allen? David Cook? Lee DeWyze? Can anyone name a top 10 single by any of them?

As evidenced by her duet with Carrie Underwood, Alaina has a long way to go. But she's tough. She overcame a sprained throat to compete in the finals.

She clearly wants this and I have no doubt she has more potential to be the next Carrie than Scotty has to be more than a one-month wonder.

THG Asks you ... did Scotty deserve to win?


That type of talent just doesn't come around that often. Also, his faith in God didn't waiver and he wasn't ashamed to give the Lord the credit. Congrats to Scotty and the McCreery family


Yes, yes, he deserved to win. He's a such a doll and he sings very well. Will he be a star? Likely, no. He's no Justin Bieber, he has no sex appeal. Lauren Alaina does (naturally), and that's why the nation's females snubbed her, and that's why, regardless, she will probably eventually do much better than Scotty.


Scotty was definatly the best hands down!


Scotty deserved it all the way! As for males victors not fairing well..... Scotty is different. One, he's country. The most loyal fanbase out there. Oh but you say so was Kris Allen. Kris Allen didn't have the pure country heart that Scotty does. He looks, acts, and sings country. Any country fan that heard him sing would tell you he has the stuff to stand beside, not above, Hank Williams, Garth Brooks, and George Jones. Is he there yet? Not close. Could he be? I think if he worked hard and stays true to country then he has a good chance.


Hilton Hater... you suck. He deserved to win. He was hands down, THE BEST singer. I know of only Carrie Underwood who got anywhere so I don't know what you are talking about. Scotty deserved to win. He was the best singer on idol. This is based on singing talent. Not looks and Glamour. He outscored Lauren just about every time, and he deserved the amount of votes he got.


Scotty definitely deserved to win. He has a beautiful voice and he was so consistent all season - never had a bad performance. I am happy he won! He seems like a great kid and I think he will do great!


Yes Scotty deserved to win! He has a wonderful singing voice and he will go far. His outstanding deep voice is perfect for Country Music. Not to mention his great LOOKS! All he is AMERICAS IDOL! Way to go Scotty!


I hate Monday morning quarterbacks. All the finalists were great. It could have gone to any of them. He is great, likable and deserving. It's over. Deal w/ it. This is just mean spirited.

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