The Voice Recap: Meet the Teams!

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After The Voice premiere captivated 11 million viewers last week, could the NBC series' second episode keep up the momentum as the blind auditions continued?

Despite another confusing twist - because Cee-Lo was the only one to fill his team of eight, a group of initially rejected singers got a second shot - we'd say yes.

If anything, The Voice crammed too much into last night, but if the other option is to drag this proces out and give us 3-4 blind audition episodes, we'll take it.

The rosters are now set as we head into the "battle" portion next week. Here's a look at the four teams and some of the auditions that won spots on them:

Team Christina Aguilera

The Voice: Team Christina

Backup vocalist Cherie Oakley earned a spot covering Miranda Lambert's "Gunpowder and Lead" (Blake Shelton, Miranda's fiancee, did not turn around). Watch:

Raquel Castro also charmed Xtina with this dramatic take on "Bleeding Love." She's 16. Amazing. Christina has made solid, predictable choices thus far ...

Team Blake Shelton

The Voice: Team Blake Shelton

Among the country star's selections last night were single-named preacher's daughter Serabee and rockabilly dad (and last week's castoff) Jared Blake:

He also added gay Mormon Tyler Robinson after he got to the chorus of "Hey Soul Sister," which honestly sounded a lot better than when Train sings it:

Finally, children's author Dia Frampton was just "Bubbly" enough to nab Cee Lo as her coach, but she went with Blake in the end. Sorry, Mr. Green ...

Team Adam Levine

The Voice: Team Adam Levine

Devon Barley, a teenager who's somehow in medical school, sang Jason Mraz's "I"m Yours" so smoothly that Cee-Lo and Adam both wanted him. Adam won:

Adam liked Tim Mahoney from the stars. Amazingly, he thought he was a she. The blind auditions officially worked with Tim's "Bring It on Home to Me"  ...

Team Cee-Lo Green

The Voice: Team Cee-Lo

Emily Valentine sang Pink's "Sober" without nailing every note, especially the high ones, but ended up on Team Cee-Lo after an awesome exchange with Adam:

Nakia is last name-less but certainly not hairless. In a risky move, he opted to sing Cee-Lo's signature track during his audition, but guess what, it worked!

Well, what do you think? Are you rooting for any of the singers - or the teams - on The Voice so far? Leave a comment and sound off below!


I know one of the people on that show!


I LOVE THIS SHOW... i was so excited when I saw the ads for it on tv. I know this is gonna be bigger than American Idol... just for the fact that it allows ANYONE to try to prove their talent, not just people how are 15-29 and beautiful. Just wondering, where can you find out about auditions??? LOL!


I love this show. I hope that the same Judges stay with the show as they are so good together and are so darn funny. It is a delight to watch this show. It is different the way they do the judging.


Love, love Adam's personality! He is great, looks great too. Great show. Looking forward to more!


So far so good. Go Team X-tina!!




this show is waaaaaaay better than American Idol. I like the judges alot. I like how they didnt show all those people who cant sing like in American Idol.


I heard Lukas Rossi was auditioning (from Rock Star Supernova). Anyone know if he did and what happened?


This show is definitely better than American Idol, and I'm NOT just saying that because I'm a Christina Aguilera fan. I honestly do like the show, and I like how the contestants are chosen based on talent rather than looks or gimmicks, unlike the real music industry. And if only more teen starlets could sing like Raquel Castro. She's a better singer than Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez COMBINED, even though she's younger than them. She reminds me of a young Christina.

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