The Situation's Dad Loses It: A Reenactment

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Frank Sorrentino, father of Jersey Shore’s Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, recently began badmouthing his son in a string of expletive-laden online videos.

Frank claims Sitch told him to go on welfare when he asked him for help with his medical bills. He is clearly not a fan of Mike, whatever his motivation is.

The Situation’s management says he’s saddened by his father’s actions and may consider legal action against a man trying to use him for attention.

It's time for a little Taiwanese animated reenactment, don't you think? Nothing sums up a story better. Check out NMA’s latest video on The Situation:


This Guy is a scumbag! You don't do that to a son. I too am no Mike fan but his Dad is ridiculous trash.


Ugh. This is nuts. The Situation is no great guy, we all know that, but what kind of guy is his father? I'm guessing that they must have had some really bad blood between them long ago because I can't imagine anyone, who had the money, would refuse to help a parent with medical bills unless something really bad went down before. I don't know much about the father but it sounds like the guy is off his rocker a bit and does not care about his son or a relationship with him but does care about making money off of him. The guy sounds like a raving madman. Acting this way just makes him look bad and will not get him anywhere. I don't know if he has valid points about his son, but when people act this way it tends to negate anything they may say.

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