The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Let the Moroccan Adventure (and Hangergate) Begin!

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This week on The Real Housewives of New York City, the Moroccan adventure began and there seemed to be a contest for who could be the ugliest American.

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    As for the countess,you can buy titles nowadys


    Oh my! I've just seen the first Morocco episode. LuAnn may be a countess and Jill may be a JP, but Ramona is an absolute royal pain in the arse!


    Ramona is a gas to watch, she is only one who wants to have fun. and everyone else wants to dish dirt and tell each of the other woman what is wrong with them. ramona is my fav..


    hello. yes, countess luann was way too freakin harsh. she doesnt 'allow' the other women to process. its a control issue. also, since we are on the subject, alex... what is it with this gal??????? she is alwaysssssssssssss trying to 'fix' people. point out their flaws, and how they hurt HER. dear god.... SHUT THE HELL UP. lay off the cocaine.. ur coming across like a loon


    The Countess is now among the countless. What a bunch of nonsense. I would rather watch Swamp People.


    this should be called the real whiny smelly cunts of new york city.. what a stupid show


    I have never seen anything si assinine. If they are going to fight let them do it at home. This trip is so fake and unreal it is silly. Cant they do anything without a glass in their hands.


    These women have outlasted their 15 minutes of fame. I have been a avid follower, but this show stinks without Betheny. Somehow, all these women have turned into highly unlikeable personalities and no matter how hare I try, I can't find any sympathy for any of them. I am not buying the new improved version of Kelly this year, nor the changed Jill. They are all boring and Bravo really needs to rethink whether it needs the New York gang. Without Betheny the show has lost something more than I expected it to. I'll stick with the other housewives, but this one is off my viewing screen. I can't take the "Countess" for one more minute, Dahling!


    ok try this again, is anyone else bothered by that cindy woman she's a pot stirrer, she is controlling of how the twins father gets to play with them she's so nasty, and of course she's friends with the most Insane person on this show, Kelly is not a mentally healthy woman,she lives in a state of denial that is disturbing to watch, her innocent, happy go lucky, love and peace, act is just that an act, she doesn't talk about sex, never seen an adult film she acts so astonished when anything is off color, she's dumb, misses jokes, mixes up metaphores, she's actually mean and nasty she can sling mud, and cause problems, she's a contradiction, Ramona is an alcoholic, sad but true. I hope she gets help before she hits rock bottom.


    Is anybody else bothered by that Cyndy lady, I mean they all have attributes and of course Good and bad, we all do, but that cyndy woman is kinda SNAKY, she must have felt at home during the party, in addition, can she be harder on the father of the twins, dont do this, dont do that, Geez let the ,am play with his children how he chooses they are his also, lay off control freak, and Kelly, what can be said, she is so deep in her denial she believes her lies, It's not Kelly land, it's Lunacy.

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