The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to Camille Grammer: Act Out!

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Ah, the trials and tribulations of a temperamental attention-seeker who also loves her kids...

With filming on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills underway, insiders say the show has a serious problems on its hands: Camille Grammer is acting too, well, sane. Might she be toning down her antics in order to avoid giving her ex-husband any ammunition in his fight for their kids?

Kim Richards and Camille Grammer

"She is caught in a real dilemma," a source tells The New York Post. "She wants the attention. But she's not stupid. She's not going to throw away $50 million for some stupid show. She is not going to act crazy and allow Kelsey to use that to argue for full custody of the kids."

Yes, that is a real dilemma. The residents of Joplin, Missouri should quit their whining and send best wishes to Camille.

Fortunately for viewers, there's hope that controversy will still be featured on season two: Brandi Glanville has joined the cast, after all.


First off as a Mary fan; i didnt like that lil stametent u made! and 2nd of all how dare u come at NeNe like that! u have no room to call someone ugly! wit all that sh** on yo face and ya scrawny ass!!! why u hatin?! NeNe is a cool person and everybody like her because she keep it straight 100!!! and NeNe has no need to hate on Kim; i mean why would she need to?! NeNe has not just a man but a HUSBAND! and they both out there making money! even outside the show NeNe banking!!! ladies i’m wit ya!


Camile Grammar is delusional as Kyle said it on the show. She is also not all she thinks she is and now it's not a secret why Kelsey left her. She needs therapy definately along with her cookoo friend Alsion Dubois ( the medium ) who also needs intensive therapy. Hope Kelsey gets the kids as Camile will damage them.


The residents of Joplin, MO should stop their whining? Huh? There are over a hundred killed and many still missing. Freedom of speech is fine but in the light of a disaster I don't think this comment was appropriate. You aren't a true writer Hilton Hater. Even stand up comics know when to joke about tragedy and when to keep their mouths shut on a topic.

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