The Glee Project Preview: Covering Katy Perry...

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A new cast member will join Glee for seven episodes on season three, and he/she will be selected in a very public setting: via reality television.

On June 12, Oxygen premieres The Glee Project, a summer-long search for the show's next big star. Creator Ryan Murphy and actor Darren Criss will play key roles in the audition process, while other Glee stars will also stop by and meet the contestants.

Will any truly make it big? This sneak peek might give fans an idea. It features a number of hopefuls covering Katy Perry's "Firework." Try to pick out the winner now:


A lot of the contestants chose to present characters way too similar to cast members already on Glee. It will have to be one of the contestants who chose something different. Heaven help us if it's Ellis. I can't stand her.


I HAAAAAAAAAAATE IT :D it sucks ... I AGREE with @Linda BTW


My top 3:
1. Forever nerd
2. Fitness instructor
3. Forever young


I don't want to watch any of these kids on Glee

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