The Dancing With the Stars Season 12 Winner is ...

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It's been a Dancing with the Stars season to remember.

The injuries. The drama. The personal stories that moved us. The moves on the floor that thrilled us. A cast of stars so engaging and evenly matched that the field was as competitive as it was entertaining from the start.

But there could be only one Season 12 champion.

Awaiting the Results

Somewhat surprisingly, given that she was just one point from perfection Monday and seemed like the dark horse to win, Chelsea Kane finished in third place.

That left Kirstie Alley, who ended up with five points less than the other finalists, but has been a fan favorite all season, up against Hines Ward for the crown.

Talk about anyone's game. Anyone willing to wager on this?

And the Season 12 Dancing With the Stars winner was ...

Hines Ward and his partner, Kym Johnson!

They jumped in the air and hugged as confetti dropped. The Pittsburgh Steelers star lauded Johnson, who fought through a bad neck injury this month, as "an amazing teacher" and thanked the judges "for giving us constructive criticism."

"I also want to thank all the fans," he said.

Kirstie Alley, who finished second along with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, said, "This the most extraordinary adventure I've ever been on in my life."

Still, she couldn't quite overtake Ward, a former Super Bowl MVP who proclaimed that DWTS is his Super Bowl this spring. Here's the MVP ...

Hines Ward Wins Dancing With the Stars!

What do you think? Did Hines deserve to win?


I definitely think that Chelsea and Mark should have won - but I must say that I really really liked Hines and his lovely partner too. I think that Kristie should have been third - nothing against her - I am judging their ability and I think that Chelsea was wonderful - and so was Hines.


I love Kirstie, and all hats off to for Chelsea...she deserves a lot of credit too...she spent the whole season with MARK...DWTS...GET RID OF THE I-ME!!! Chelsea didn't stand a chance with him as her partner, and Mark is only there to assist his career...but he needs more help than DWTS can do for him...send his Dark Side Back Side to the curb...


Kristie Was the Winner to me! She looks fabulous and when you compare what she accomplished at 30+ years older that the others she clearly should have WON! You go girl!


I wanted Kristy or Ralph to win...Kristy u did it...u r such a beautiful woman!! I know u didn't win but to me u did..They never pick the real winners....I love u Kristy!! Never give up!! ps I wanna meet u one day soon!!!!


I wanted Chelsea & Mark to win. I thought she did a great job!


I wanted Kirstie and Maks to win. She really improved each week throughout the contest. By the end of the contest Kirstie looked great and moved great. I loved her last Samba dance; she definitely deserved perfect 10s for it, and only got 9s. Hines also was great and very charismatic. I thought all 3 judges showed definite bias against Kirstie and Maks on Monday night by pointedly giving the other 2 couples perfect 10s and Kirstie and Maks only 9s. Kirstie was better than Chelsea Kane so that showed definite bias against Kirstie to me. Oh well, Kirstie got the viewer votes over Chelsea Kane so that made up for her coming in 2nd and Chelsea Kane came in 3rd, as she should have.


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Chelsea was the best dancer of all the group from the very beginning. She should have won, and she certainly should have gotten 2nd place over Kirstie. She was so much better than her. And Hines was good enough to win and I liked him a lot, just felt like Chelsea got cheated this year. Oh well, that's the way it goes.


love hines he diffenitly deserved to win


I think Chelse and Mark should of won.They where very good.

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Dancing with the Stars Quotes

We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

I am not the best dancer, and I have not been the best dancer from the beginning. I am happy we made it this far.

Cristian de la Fuente