Taylor Armstrong Splits from Husband

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It's all over for Taylor Armstrong and her husband of seven years, Russell. According to the new issue of Us Weekly, the couple has separated.

"They've had huge marital problems related to finances," an insider tells the magazine.

Taylor Armstrong and Family

The split should not come as a shock to fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Taylor and Russell argued constantly, with the former even saying the marriage had devolved into a "business arrangement."

Still, even the end of troubled relationships can take their toll on those involved. Taylor is "emaciated," a friend says, adding she's lost 10 or 15 pounds since the break-up.

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UPDATE: Says Taylor's rep: "Their relationship is not without trouble. But they're still together."


as soon as the money stops flowing the "trophy" wives leave. Like she married him for his looks or love. Not that I find her attractive she looks like Cruella DeVille. These "Housewives" get a little taste of fame that will only last a short while & they think they can earn the money & will be famous forever. These shows have so many divorces after 1 season, the women change (not all, but most).

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