Tabloid Proclaims: Kate Middleton Can't Get Pregnant OR Adopt!

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This is a new one.

As the royal wedding excitement dissipates, you knew it'd only be a matter of time before people began speculating when Kate Middleton will get pregnant.

Well, apparently In Touch Weekly, claiming remarkably intimate knowledge of Kate Middleton's reproductive system, has answered that already: NEVER!

Kate's Baby Heartbreak!

BARREN? Tabloids make celebs pregnant a lot (see Aniston, Jen). But this is the first time we can recall a celebrity being made infertile. Seems kinda wrong, no?

A "royal doctor" supposedly spilled the beans. Can you imagine ANY doctor actually telling a celebrity news (term used loosely) magazine such information?

They wouldn't if they expected to practice medicine again. If this were true about Kate, it would be clear who knew, and that person would be disbarred.

Still, give ITW credit for making up original nonsense at least. They even covered the adoption fallback, too. Apparently Will and Kate can't do that either!

Rough news, three weeks into a marriage. Looks like it's on Pippa Middleton and/or Prince Harry to provide grandchildren for their respective families.

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Hateful comments say everything about you and nothing about Kate. If couples find lasting love, God Bless them all!


Those that have nothing better to do than to bad mouth anyone I feel sorry for you, if they have a child the natural way that is between them and God, and if they adopt, that is the business of no one but them. They just got married, leave them alone. This is a special time for them, they are just getting used to living together as husband and wife, they have their whole lives to have children.


Who cares Kate? is she very important? Care about hungry children in some countries England colonized in past.. Those children are more important than her not borne child!!!


people posting mean comments can say they arent jealous all they want, but if you werent there would be no point in hating. its so immature, put yourselves in her shoes, it is screwed up you would post such nasty things. and she is a lovely girl, not the most gorgeous person on earth but beautiful in her own right, dont put her down because you dont have what she does, and if your thinking all guys want is a booty and a body then you will be used by men for sex your whole life, at least she found someone to love her and stick with her thru thick n thin!


sounds like a lot of people are jealous over kate, I don't believe any of it. He would loose his license, the whole HIPPA thing. And as for "me" who stated aw too bad, but at least I can, I'd be careful, fallback can be awful, maybe yours won't be born healthy, or could have comlications and not survive.


omg why are people hatinggggg?!!!? why?!!?!?!?!? one commenter calls kate a "stupid bitch" the other one says she looks like "an ugly freak" the other makes fun of her body....why? do u have a perfect explantion to why shes a "stupid bitch" is it because shes a princess now and your not? or is it cuz she sleeps on money? and why make fun of her looks? no reason to, but if it makes you feel so much better mocking someones looks, body, or calling them names, go ahead and say stuff, cuz with that attitude, your gonna go no where!!!!


she is a very average and without all her make up almost unattractive.looks very old for 28yo. botox will make her look freaky.
nothing to be ealouse. her sister pippa is just ugly.


i dont need to be jealous of dat stupid ugly bitch bc i could get any guy with money and become famous if i wanted to and at least i got wat guys want a big ass, nice body, and big boobs unlike her dat she has nothing


those who write stupid comments about kate are jealousy peoples ...they cant see her happinest.. grown up you people fear of god ..


lol. that would be something, the social climber finally gets what she wants and then loses it all because she can't produce an heir :-p

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