Tabloid Proclaims: Kate Middleton Can't Get Pregnant OR Adopt!

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This is a new one.

As the royal wedding excitement dissipates, you knew it'd only be a matter of time before people began speculating when Kate Middleton will get pregnant.

Well, apparently In Touch Weekly, claiming remarkably intimate knowledge of Kate Middleton's reproductive system, has answered that already: NEVER!

Kate's Baby Heartbreak!

BARREN? Tabloids make celebs pregnant a lot (see Aniston, Jen). But this is the first time we can recall a celebrity being made infertile. Seems kinda wrong, no?

A "royal doctor" supposedly spilled the beans. Can you imagine ANY doctor actually telling a celebrity news (term used loosely) magazine such information?

They wouldn't if they expected to practice medicine again. If this were true about Kate, it would be clear who knew, and that person would be disbarred.

Still, give ITW credit for making up original nonsense at least. They even covered the adoption fallback, too. Apparently Will and Kate can't do that either!

Rough news, three weeks into a marriage. Looks like it's on Pippa Middleton and/or Prince Harry to provide grandchildren for their respective families.


actually if you look at the british news they say that kate is 5 days pregnant, which is fake??


Though I am sure Britain has its own medical privacy laws, HIPAA (not HIPPA) wouldn't apply in a foreign country. That is a law of the U.S. It is incredibly unlikely that any royal family doctor would ever divulge such information. This magazine could be sued for making these claims in Britain. & furthermore, why do people have to spew such negativity? Disgusting.


This definitely very raging news because they no one knows if they are just saying this because its true or just to sell magazines. I mean you see royal couple this royal couple that, everyone is going to buy it. I mean first it was that she is pregnant because she has nausea and morning sickness before the wedding now its she cant be pregnant it is very hard to believe anything that goes out in the tabloids now a days. I am truly upset because they do not have the right to put this type of information out in the public without their consent or permission. I hope its not true because they would have beautiful children. If it is true then i give my dearest condolences. I will not believe this until they themselves come out to the public and say that she is infertile or that she is pregnant. I love William and Kate and hope they can make the family that they deserve and are happily ever after.



Avatar way. Nobody has the right to judge, but as royals they belong to all of us. We all want our futur king to have the best of everything. This is i guess "the hate" against Kate.
Obviously she is just an average girl, no glamourus and no beautiful....that is all without any hate or smir....but what luck brings for some, no money can...for others.
As for those folks who mentioned Adoption....please be real. Whose child would that be, real mother's and father's or someone's with no connection whatsoever...what a perversity a mind can generate!
As for calling names like "bitch", who is not one nowdays... There is no more moral left for the first night...or first and only person for life...
Science can do everything...and they will have a heir...the should!
Goodluck king! We pray for you...


As heir to the throne, no doubt he would have to marry someone who could produce the next possible king/queen. Assuming tests might have been done prior to the wedding, if not.....there's always Harry!


This royal shit is so annoying. Kate middleton is beautiful and prince harry is also awesome so just let them adopt a baby boy and tell the tradition to get the fuck over it. they kill me with this tradition shit. prince william is way to awesome and his wife as well to let this stop them when adoption is right there.


Haha on sexy bitch. She has the iq of a houseplant. She can neither spell nor write a gramatically correct sentence. And she "chooses" not to marry rich or be famous. hahahahahahahahah. Don't you just know she is 400 lbs and ugly as sin? I bet she lives dirt poor in the ghetto. She certainly has no education or upbringing.


sexy-bitch. Someday your looks will fade and that rich husband you found will be looking for a less saggy ass. It's beautiful confident women like Kate Middleton that the good, responsible, successful and handsome men go for. Not for cocky women like you.


If you post on Kate's looks you obviously need glasses. She's pretty as is her sister Pippa. Quit hating and get some class. Oh and while you are out getting that class why not also look for a life? Just a suggestion haters!

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