Tabloid Proclaims: Kate Middleton Can't Get Pregnant OR Adopt!

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This is a new one.

As the royal wedding excitement dissipates, you knew it'd only be a matter of time before people began speculating when Kate Middleton will get pregnant.

Well, apparently In Touch Weekly, claiming remarkably intimate knowledge of Kate Middleton's reproductive system, has answered that already: NEVER!

Kate's Baby Heartbreak!

BARREN? Tabloids make celebs pregnant a lot (see Aniston, Jen). But this is the first time we can recall a celebrity being made infertile. Seems kinda wrong, no?

A "royal doctor" supposedly spilled the beans. Can you imagine ANY doctor actually telling a celebrity news (term used loosely) magazine such information?

They wouldn't if they expected to practice medicine again. If this were true about Kate, it would be clear who knew, and that person would be disbarred.

Still, give ITW credit for making up original nonsense at least. They even covered the adoption fallback, too. Apparently Will and Kate can't do that either!

Rough news, three weeks into a marriage. Looks like it's on Pippa Middleton and/or Prince Harry to provide grandchildren for their respective families.


It would be a BLESSING if that slut can't have a baby and I hope he divorces her. She is such TRASH. There is a nude photo of her if you look enough you will find it online. She has had numerous drunken photos taken...and photos of the dumb bimbo in the back of cars without any underwear. She's STUPID. She's COMMON, she is not good enough to be William's wife. Princess Diana would not have allowed this marriage, kate and her sleazy personality would not have been approved. Look on YouTube for video called "Kate Middleton-Party Princess". She's a freaking,empty fool.


Have you actually met her?! Do you know what she is really like? No. You don't. They're happy and in love.


If you think about what the royal family have been through: marriges deaths devorce and paperatice then what do you think it would be like to find out u cant have children especially when there are childrenn around buchiam palce such as margarita armstrong-jones lady louisa windsor grace van-cutsem and eliza lopes and eliza is seen in bucham palce loads wich means she will be with kate middleton and william alot think how hard it must be to see someone else with a child


If you really care about them then you will give them some simpahy


You dont no the royal family
so keep out
kate and william want children and they cant have them u should
give them some simpathy for heavens sake


Hey i think she not pretty as diana and they hole family. The men are cheaters and i think they had some black pussy up in there it would be nice. Fuck thise black pussy fuck it just joking but it will be a big thing thoe if that was a black girl that got knock up


I think that the queen would be very mad if her son fuck with black girl a got her knock up it will be some shit they will have no choice but to crown cleopatra. It will be nice to see a black women hold the crown.


To sexy bitch: what makes you think you are all that? You may not be sexy but you ARE a bitch and a nosy rude ine at that! Have some respect for royalty and people in general and mind your own business because you are low class and immature and stupid.


Is have the baby for them who wouldn't want to give life for anyone its not like you have to do anything an it would still be his blood


everybody shoud realize that who really careson mortal standards you should base it on that they were made for each other. this was Gods plan for this couple to be married. they can't adopt because the child wouldn't have any royal blood in them. the only reason i know that is because im william and harrys 6th cousin. usually nobody tries to find their 6th cousin but i know for a fact that i am.even though i am their 6th cousin , iam the last one on their side of the family. nobody get ideas about dating me because im 14. please anybody who reads this message that they tell your friends please. please don't judge catherine. i really wish i live in england but i live in united states. at least will and kate love each other. think about how diana was. if i lived in englsnd, i could defend her from what everybody else says. that is all!!!!!!


I have the highest regard for Will and Kate and I think its totally inappropriate for people to speculate on the fertility of Kate. She is gorgeous and very poised and I think she is an asset to the throne and I think Diana would be very proud of William's bride. So let them be....we all know how Diana's life ended....She was such a humanitarian and I know she's is probably busy in heaven....So Will and Kate.....good luck and God bless you....My prayers and my votes are with the two of you....

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