Spencer Pratt Banned From Heidi's New Show

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It seems unthinkable for this terrible tandem, but Spencer Pratt is not permitted on or anywhere near Heidi Montag's new reality show Famous Food.

Producers of Heidi's show - on which she, Jake Pavelka, Ashley Dupre and other has-beens manage a restaurant - are serious, too. Spencer is banned.

Pratt has been disallowed on set since day one, and Heidi Montag herself agreed to the injunction against her better half (not that she had a choice).

Heidi, Spencer on the Move

PERSONA NON GRATA: That's what Spencer is on the set of Famous Food. And presumably many, many other places in and around Southern California.

The producers were adamant that Spencer wasn't allowed on the set, near the set, or to be involved in any way, and Heidi agreed to keep him at bay.

We're told Spencer has behaved himself so far - it helps that he was briefly in a coma this spring - but you know it's just a matter of time with him.

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KATIE!!! these pictures are so so so so good i alyaws have thought that its whose behind the camera that can make a picture so beautiful and your eyes and mind are so romantic and storybook..alyaws looking for the magic .that makes you the MOST perfect wedding and family photographer EVER ..i love kelley's the train and the water and sitting under the tree and i love the one of that couple in the parking garage in black and white you have found your niche young lady see you soon!


@Connie....I'm not sure how many white boys you know, but I can tell you, Spencer was NOT saying "white boy things".
Either way, it's sad what they did to themselves, friends, and families.
Theres Karma in the world and life is presenting itself as such for these 2. Perhaps Speidi will learn something and grow from all this


Spencer just needs to get a job. And heidi, darling, you were much cuter without any surgery. Just stop already, because now you look like a deformed transvestite. Sorry, but so true!!!


I'm sorry but I am personally a fan of Spencer Pratt! I watch TV for entertainment! I can't believe people are out to see Spencer Pratt destroyed because he was a white boy saying white boy things! Seriously get over it. Him and that hot Jenner kid made the Hills great. They were funny and why many watched!


Good, for once I'm sick of tired seeing douches on TV all the time.

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