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Anna Kournikova knows plenty about losing: the gorgeous former tennis star has never actually won a professional tournament.

Combine that fact with her killer body and the blonde bombshell fits in perfectly with The Biggest Loser, doesn't she?

Olivia Ward, Hannah Curlee

According to various sources, Kournikova will join new trainers Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel on the series next season, as Jillian Michaels exits the competition in order to focus on a family.

X17 reports that NBC will make this announcement following tomorrow night's season finale. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model has been dating Enrique Iglesias since 2001.

Think she makes a solid choice for The Biggest Loser?



Did anyone watch the season premiere last night? I seriously considered not watching bc of this decision to put anna in but decided to anyways. The poor people on her team barely lost anything she is not a trainer just because she is an athlete she doesnt know anything about training. I see her team being eliminated very quick which is very sad for the ones that got stuck with her (she was picked last for a reason) She was soooo fake last night to. There was no real tears in her eyes no caring or compassion. Bottom line she has no business on this show this could destroy the biggest loser. And also what happened to trainers from last season?


I love this show but I am really shocked by this. When I saw Anna Kournikova walk on the other night I could not believe how anorexic she looked. She did not look this way when she was a guest on an earlier eposide. I really was shocked. This show needs women whow are fit and healthy looking. I am thinking of complaining directly to the show.


Anyone see her entry onto the stage? She is a stick of gum away from an anorexia intervention!!! She is the epitome of the media rolemodel that women have been fighting against for decades! This has been one of the best,, most inspiring shows ever, but I may not watch it again after that display!

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