Snooki Feigns Injury on Set of Jersey Shore

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It looks like Snooki is okay. Physically, that is.

The day after this Jersey Store star slammed her car into an Italian police cruiser (losing her license in that nation), the often-drunk guidette was back on the streets of Italy, filming season four and milking the injury for all it's worth.

Until the video cameras stopped rolling, that is. Check out these dueling images of Snooki during shooting and in between takes. Is it just us, or is something different?

Snooki in a Neck Brace

(Neck) Brace yourselves for season four of Jersey Shore in Italy, viewers!

Says Andre Dimino, the President UNICO, a national Italian American group: “She really is the lowest of the low and will do anything for attention, even hitting a police car. She is our worst ever export and is an embarrassment for Italian Americans and our whole country."

Anyone care to dispute that?

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

Avatar response to Angel Mendoza's really think Snooki is smart?? That is definitely an over statement..not surprised it came from a person who can't spell Italian correctly and who is apparently "a little italien". And BTW...her little incident of hitting a police car resulted in the two officers having to go to the hospital.


I completely agree with Andre Domino and anyone who enjoys watching the show is COMPLETELY brainless


LOL I agree Leo! I bet if someone broke her neck for real she wouldn't have that big ass smile when pulling it off and laughing about it.


Angel is right I agree snookie is awsome and so is the cast go italins inculding me daaaaaaaaaa


The only reason she's faking it is because they need the shot for the show, none of what we see on Jersey Shore is real, everything is planned and that is probably what they are doing with this whole neck brace thing. All the fights and the drama and stuff is all planned, the producers tell the cast to start fighting over something it can be anything and thats how the show is done. So she's not lying for attention she's doing it for the show.


So Angel just a FYI its Iltalian* there is no "e"


No really how stupid can u be to run into a polices car wow but any way go jersey / Italy. Lol


hey um the italie person needs to shut up and keep his comments to his self thats his opinion i am italien (little) but snookie is awesome and smart and no one can take that from her niether you italien person now leave the jersey shore cast alone!!!!!!!! (NO OFFENSE)


whyyy are these people famous!!!!!


Wow!! Lookout!!
Snookums is taking over Brittney,Paris,and Lindsay's badd reputation!!

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