Sheena Upton Produces Alleged Proof of Botox BS

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Sheena Upton swears she never injected her eight-year old daughter with Botox. And now she claims to have proof.

A quick refresher on this disturbing tale: under the assumed name Kerry Campbell, Upton gave interviews this month to Good Morning America and Inside Edition, explaining why she personally gave her child shots of the wrinkle-reducing medicine.

Sheena Upton and Daughter

Child services then got involved in the case, after which Upton said she was paid by Great Britain's The Sun to fabricate the tale, going so far as to say newspaper editors asked her to pose with a syringe for their story.

The Sun denies all charges.

Now, Upton has supposedly produced proof that she was handed a script to help further the lie.

The troubled woman sent a stack of documents to TMZ, outlining instructions a broker allegedly gave her about how she should avoid mentioning money (ABC reportedly offered her $10,000 for the interview), and how she should play up her role as the overbearing mother of a beauty pageant contestant.

The papers tell Upton to utter statements such as: "I have found a clinic that will do boob jobs in Mexico at 14, so if she hasn't developed by then we're saving for that surgery" and "I admire Lindsay Lohan's mum ... for turning Lindsay into a child millionaire."

Upton isn't claiming that Good Morning America was in on the lie, merely that the show never checked any facts and simply fell for what she and her broker had concocted.

As for the journalist who brokered the deal for The Sun, he sticks by his side and tells TMZ: "She has doctored emails from me. She has lied about the Sun. She is attempting to extort money. I saw her give the child injections."

Do you believe Sheen Upton, readers?


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Damn, I wish I could think of smoehting smart like that!


Ok, this woman needs help either way. It was reported she "made up" this story for the Sun for $200. Who would make this up for a lousy 200 bucks? On the other hand how would she get her hands on Botox to inject into her child? I suppose it is possible given the fact that people now host "Botox Parties". But how on earth would an 8yr old gain a leg up in pagents from Botox? 8yr olds do not yet have wrinkles, smile or frown lines or crows feet around the eyes. Those are the things Botox is meant to help. Either this woman is a total nutcase who abused her child by giving Botox injectons to her or she is a total nutcase who made up a story (no matter if she claims someone else asked her too) of abusing her child by injecting Botox into her in order to make a few hundred dollars. Either way she is a bad parent and CPS was right to get involved.


i love the hollywood gossip