Scotty McCreery: On to the American Idol Finale?

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With Beyonce serving as his mentor, and with millions of eyes on him last night, Scotty McCreery all but assured himself of a spot in the American Idol finale.

The aspiring country artist went three-for-three in terms of impressive performances, kicking off this week's performance show with a strong ballad. In response to his version of "Amazed," Steven Tyler said what we're all thinking: this guy keeps getting better and better...

From there, Jimmy Iovine selected Thompson Square's "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" for Scotty's next cover, breaking out the acoustic guitar for a version of the track that led Randy Jackson to compare the crooner to Garth Brooks.

Ridiculously high praise? Of course. But watch McCreery belt out this tune and also "She Believes in Me" below and it's easy to see why folks are getting carried away.

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he sucks dudes and i am really sick of him


thier are better peaple than him so he shoouldn't have won american idol because he doesn't deserve it any one athor than him should have won but not him because he is not that good of a singer so don't be sad if he doesn't get to be a big star and most girls like him because of his look not his music


Would love for Scotty to be introduced to John Denver's songs, if he doesn't already know them. Would be great for him and Lauren to sing "Take Me Home Country Roads" on tour;audience participation song, feel good. Also, some other JD songs would be good for him.


Your the man your going to win I was saying that the hole time


Scotty should sing more songs showing off his beautiful bass voice - can't get enough of it.


Scotty should totally win. Haley deserved to go home just like most of the others.~Alexis
He's perfectly great at singing. I love how he sang last night. Steven Tyler is right. Scotty McCreery is getting better and better with each and every performance.~Mikayla


Please sing earnie fords sixteen tons scotty voice was made for that song thanks joy


Oh my gosh, just listen the way he puts his heart into his songs, "she believes in me" one of our all time favorites, and Scotty done it fab-u-lous Hope he gets it,


i am so happy that Lauren and Scotty made it!!!i love to hear Haley is going home already!bwahahaha!i don't really like her..they all have great voices..but i think America love great voice with amazing personality too..Haley (and her fans) just thought she's the best and never accepted criticisms, that made her not deserving to win!i love Lauren and Scotty just doing their best and humbly embracing everything people are throwing to them, whether critics or praises, that made them deserving to be the final 2!


I post this alot, but I'm not a country music fan. But Scotty makes me LOVE it!!!!! His voice is so classic, like the old country albums my grandfather loved back in the 60's. He is so sweet and wholesome, you just wanna eat him up!!!

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