Sarah Palin Rips Michelle Obama, Common

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Former half-term governor and current famous person Sarah Palin slammed Michelle Obama on Twitter today for inviting Common to the White House.

Her beef? Palin and some others aren't thrilled that the rapper and actor promotes healthy diets once rhymed about burning President George W. Bush.

"Oh lovely, White House," tweeted the ex-veep hopeful, making sarcastic reference to a story on Common and Michelle Obama in the Daily Caller.

Palin Common

The conservative website resurrected a Common aimed at Dubya by transcribing lyrics from a 2007 YouTube video of a past performance of "Letter to the Law."

"Seeing a fiend being hung/With that happening, why they messing with Saddam?/Burn a Bush 'cause for peace he no push no button," goes the song.

Common continues: "Killing over oil and grease/no weapons of destruction/How can we follow a leader when this a corrupt one."

Michelle Obama invited Common, a fellow Chicagoan and former member of the Obamas' church (yes, that church), to an event celebrating American poetry.

Palin's criticism was echoed by the Drudge Report and Fox News. The rapper, whose real name is Lonnie Rashid Jr., seemed pleased, if anything.

"So apparently Sarah Palin and Fox News don't like me," the hip-hopster tweeted to CNN's Roland Martin. "It's not funny... I'm dangerous!" he joked.

What do you think of the criticism levied by Palin and others? Valid? Just an attempt to find up the lowest Common denominator and rile up the base?



common is an idiot. there are a lot of violent people on here the way you talk about s.p. a woman like that, a person who ascended to run on a presidential ticket. we were raised up better than that i bet you beat your wives and daughters and hate women too. you dont talk about women like that you look idiotic and weak. pussy. in other words men should revere and protect our women on this planet. does anyone have some of thjose stuffed monkeys for sale?


this comment is for the guy A EVANS-I hope you get raped by a pack of taliban members with 12inch cocks for a week.People like you should not serve in the military.I am an army ranger of 10 years and we would love for people like you to walk in front of us when we are in a firefight.I hope you are the only one to get hurt serving from now untill we leave.


To all you racist pigs who hate the Obama administration, GET OVER IT. Your types had 8 years of idiot Bush's to drive this country into one of the worst recessions in recent memory. Furthermore, ANYONE who listens to and take any stock in Sarah "I don't have a clue", Palin is not only socially retarded, but politically clueless. As for Common being invited to the White House, What about Johnny Cash, who has performed for FIVE count 'em FIVE presidents. Y'all remember Johnny Cash... Folsom Prison Blues, "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die"...Of course, Cash never shot a man, but neither is Common a "Thug". It's called artistic expression you FOOLS. Lastly, regardless of what you pricks think of Obama, he IS the President and no, his color didn't get him where he is today...He is where he is IN SPITE of his race and bigoted fools like you. I specifically didn't address this to anyone in particular because YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Grow up!


So, other artists can talk about killing people themselves, but they don't get persecuted? Hmm... Has ANYONE ELSE in the White house even listened to Common's music? Common is probably the least violent rapper in the industry. He talks about sex more than he talks about violence! lol. Smh.
Fox News even had an interview with Common a long time ago, talking about how he is a conscious rapper & positive. Smh. Now everyone is against him because of ONE song? Did they even listen to the point of the song???? Man, these racist people are ALWAYS looking for a reason to get at Obama.
*****Lets not forget how GEORGE H. W. BUSH invited Eazy E to a lunch for the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle. And he was with N.W.A!!!!!!! Get the crap outta here! Dummies*** lol


I served 8yrs for my country, Im truly ashamed of the obamas, they do not belong in the white house. Reason is they used there color to get where there at. They are on ride thats ending soon. The last few months they will have a yard sale. All must go, inside and outside the whitehouse, then leave with the keys and front door open.You all watch the whitehouse will be cleaned out, even the carpet.Fukk the Obamas oorahh airborne


I think you're a partisan pig who shouldn't be blogging if you can't do it without prejudice, and the typical lefty talking points. Screw Common and his racist, violent views, and screw you too. Michelle Obama is a nothing more than a pig with a lot of lip stick, and perfume. Obama? He's Bush 3 X 1000. Lies and propaganda.


The OBAMA's have no CLASS...they are undignified. We have so many talented artists in this nation..why invite the lowest of the low? Someone better count the china and the silverward before the OBAMA's leave after 2012.


Song lyrics are just that, song lyrics. Under the constitution, I can express myself however I please. Commons lyrics are not the most controversial out there. There are much worse ideologies represented in music that do not get attention. Also, as the Governor of Alaska, didn't Sarah Palin use a map with gun scope bulls eyes to represent democrat held congress and senate seats, including Gabrielle Giffords? I hope you slack jawed, mouth breather, fucktard, wal-mart shopping, toby keith listening, shitbags put her on the next ballot. The rest of us welcome it.


So it's perfectly A-OK with bitter cheerleader Palin that her buddy Ted Nugent who is a draft dodging chicken hawk burnt out aging one-hit-wonder rocker viciously rages onstage at the President of the United States that he's a piece of s*** and to suck on his machine gun??? That's okay with you Mrs. Palin isn't it….I'm sure you approved and smirked the same way you did when your adoring audience, some of whom held stuffed toy monkeys with Obamas name on them, yelled "Kill Him!".


Who cares what this no class, fame whore, no nothing cunt's opinion is?? Common can bust a cap in Sarah Palin's ass for all I care! One less ignorant fuck in the world!!

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