Ronnie and Snooki Make Pizzas, Situation Still MIA

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When Ronnie Magro isn't doling out beatings to The Situation in Italy, he and the rest of the cast have been dishing out pizzas at a parlor in Florence.

Apparently a rival pizza place in town - along with a majority of the locals in the European country - has already taken great offense to the idea.

"Munaciello Pizzeria has placed a bright green sign in their window that says, 'Tamarri Americans: Jersey Shore' .... no thank you," says a source.

Tamarri is Italian slang that can be roughly translated as yokel or uncultured idiot. Yup, that pretty much sums it up nicely. But they look happy:

Snooki and Ron

No fellow cast members were beaten during the making of this pizza.



people talk shit are haters they don't make americans look dum! Most college people an lots of people like to party an hookup alot! I only like tha partying but still most of american people are like that soo stop haten! An snooki looks amazing!


The way I see it, it's better to have them working than just hanging aroud. They'll be causing less trouble and actually making themselves a bit useful, so what's the problem? Besides, look how happy Snooki is! Isn't there enough business to go round over there, to make other pizza joints feel like they need to attack them?


Huh. It must be a hard job to do for them, just standing there.!


Huh. It must be a hard job to do for them, just standind there.!


oooh sammy is gonna be upset hes hanging out with snookie looking happy.


Oh I knew they were good for something besides making America look like a bunch of idiots!!

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