Rihanna, Chris Brown Booked For Today Show Summer Concert Series

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Rihanna will kick off the Today show's star-studded 2011 Summer Concert Series, which commences May 27. Also on the docket this season? Chris Brown!

NBC apparently decided to overlook Brown's Good Morning America meltdown, bringing the star on board for his own live performance airing July 15.

Rihanna, New Tattoo

Cee Lo Green and Bruno Mars will also hit the stage in the coming weeks, as will New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys ... together!

Rihanna and Chris Brown are coming to Today ... but not simultaneously.

Additional Today performers will be announced as the summer continues, but the current list also includes Journey, Maroon 5 and Kenny Chesney.

It's nice that despite his GMA setback, Brown is still getting the chance to do what he used to and hopefully will be best known for again: singing.

We're just glad Teyana Taylor won't be joining him.


Thy are both hot.Bt brown he is on fire he is rockin the music world..Bt wt he dd 2 rihanna itz wt evry guy in ths world do ths dayz.So leav brown aln an u guyz u knw u beat ur galfrndz so leav the poor guy aln.Evry 1 makz mistakez so he dd the sme wth rihanna mistake..Rihanna an brown kep on wt u doin tht is col.Frndz becum lvrz.Cnt wait 4 tht 2 happn 2 thm again


This whats wrong with america. a woman abuser, a child murderer get the recognition they so do not deserve. what is wrong with ths country.Cris Brown does not deserve to be on stage as well casey anthony does not deserve to make millions off murdering a child


this is all nigger shit fucking nigs must all be killed


i wish the back together but, rianh have a lot of sect


i love rihanna


Iam so glad people are finely letin the past go an letin chris do what his meant 2,but i defnitly aint down with the hole rihanna an chris getin back 2gether hell chris aint stupid 2 go that road ago


Personally, Rihanna and Chris are the one of the Best Couple i know, if there is a chance for them to get back together , they should definately do so.


i think it is great that rihanna and chris brown will be performing on stage together that will be awesome but i know that they will not get back together because it wont be good at all but it is good they will be performing songs on stage good for them .


Chris Brown deserves to be back doing what he loves and his fans love watching him do his thing on stage.


just wanna see them reunited and loving each ada..they both deserve second chance of their love and now they must deeply love and trust each ada..they are a good couple...you go chris and rihanna

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