Rihanna and Chris Brown: Following Each Other on Twitter!!!

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Chris Brown is totally following Rihanna on Twitter! And vice versa! Let's hear it for letting bygones be bygones and patching things up via social media!

According to an impromptu investigation, both are not only following each other, but added each other very recently. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?!?!?

Rihanna in the Middle

Asked by a fan why she would follow Brown and if this meant something significant, Rihanna Tweeted back, "its fu**in twitter, not the alter! calm down."

LIKE OLD TIMES? Okay, maybe not quite.

A judge recently lifted the restraining order prohibiting them from having contact. It had been in place since he beat her up more than two years prior.

Rihanna basically said at the time that she was doing him a favor - no restraining order makes it easier for him to attend award shows and the like.

Just the same, she clarified that they have no relationship. If nothing else, following each other's Tweets implies some kind of relationship. Right?

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Oh Hell No ! After All That Hell She Put Him Through! Now She Tryna Be Friends?!?? She's Crazy And He's Crazy If He Fall For Her Tricks! She Dnt Tryna Be His Friend! She Tryna Set Him Up And Yeah Of Course They Say It's Just Being Friends But Then It Might Turn Into A Relationship AGAIN!!! If He Fall For Her Again, Then He Deserves All That's Coming To Him. Team Breezy


Well it's official - she has no self respect. Of course you can Forgive and move on. But forgiving doesn't mean you participate in each other's lives (whether its Twitter, or award shows, or parties etc) - all she owes this guy if she bumps into him at an award show is "Hi, hope your well" and move on....that's all.


I hope this time he fractures her skull and at the very least busts her jaw because bitch deserves it.


Good for them. Hopefully everyone can calm down and live and let live. People change and it is a process and not an event. They were soul mates and i think that relationship meant something to them. I respect Rihanna for deciding to reach out even though it may have a negative impact on the money she makes but money and fame is not everything. I'm proud of her for taking a risk and deciding to reach out. Now hopefully fans will let them live their lives.


Rhiana & Chris are good examples of letting bye gone be bye gone. People should learn from them instead of nosing around for peoples privacy, period! We should learn to forge ahead for a better future & correction of past mistakes. I like their courage & this is a food for thought for our youths & families.


@sara, AGREED..


I have to say its funny people feel they have the right to tell others how to live their life fan or not. I hope if they want to be together so be it and if they do unite, couples counseling would be a good idea. I also believe they were hitting each other and the judge should have held them both accountable setting an example for both men and women. women have anger issues and hit too.


What would make a woman have any sort of communication with a man who beat her, abused her and chipped away at her self esteem AND he got arrested, probation etc... She's a fool or fooling her self. Stay away from this guy he's not even good enough to lick your shoes


I think rihanna needs to get over herself. Everyone kisses her ass!!!! Bitches she not giving yall money. Aaliyah #1 Fan. RIhanna be urself not a Hoe!!!oops i forgot a few!!!


So! Whats wrong with being friennds again? These are two grown people and they have the rights to forgive and forget. Yes it will be odd if they got back together, but if i was chris brown i would love chilin with someone else better. I think its best that they just be friends and thats it.