Rihanna and Chris Brown: Following Each Other on Twitter!!!

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Chris Brown is totally following Rihanna on Twitter! And vice versa! Let's hear it for letting bygones be bygones and patching things up via social media!

According to an impromptu investigation, both are not only following each other, but added each other very recently. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?!?!?

Rihanna in the Middle

Asked by a fan why she would follow Brown and if this meant something significant, Rihanna Tweeted back, "its fu**in twitter, not the alter! calm down."

LIKE OLD TIMES? Okay, maybe not quite.

A judge recently lifted the restraining order prohibiting them from having contact. It had been in place since he beat her up more than two years prior.

Rihanna basically said at the time that she was doing him a favor - no restraining order makes it easier for him to attend award shows and the like.

Just the same, she clarified that they have no relationship. If nothing else, following each other's Tweets implies some kind of relationship. Right?


It's cul. U knw giving us al a new gist


well like i said i wouldn't want to talk to a guy that beat me i'll tell him go to hell


talk abt luv, after being beaten that way!?she's nuts to want to hav anythin 2 do wth him.wait until she's beaten again


Just because they are twitter friends don't mean they fucking again damn people!!! Apparently she wants to have him in her life or vice versa or she wouldn't have followed him and vice versa. I think everyone should relax, now if it comes out they dating again ........... That is Rihanna's fault for dealing with him again. I mean come on people this girl got beat brutally to near death, made a song about being excited about whips and chains, then not only gets rid of a restraining order but starts following this dude's twitter page. BIG SURPRISE. They obviously still love each other


All of you who think it's ok, then maybe you should step up and be Mr browns next girlfriend.... We could check back in with you in a couple of years and see how that's working out for ya ;)


i wouldn't go back to a man to be friends with after he beats me i think she should stay away from him shes stupid


I dont mind them following each other on twitter, everybody needs to quit complaining and let them be friends. I dont want them to get back together but if they do and chis ends up hurting her again, than he deserves to spend years rotting in jail.


Again, these are two grown azz people. They have the right to be just friends. That dosnt mean that rihanna is trying to get back with chris. To be real, she just want everything to be kool again and thats it. So it not like she saying, let get back together. Rihanna do not wish that chris deserve whats coming to him. She just want to wish him well, not be hateful. It is sad that most of you all commenting that she deserve to get her azz beat again. What? Are you kidding me! You all should be a shame of yourself. What make you all comment creul words about this girl? Im not going to lie, if they fall back in eachother arms again. They will be playing with flamming figher again.


Wow! Rihanna i think its too soon for u to forget, he will beat u up again, thats for sure


Sarah Palin is absolutely right ,my neighbor was in the same situation until her boyfriend set her car on fire.But I really can not wait until the second round .No one can beat the crap out of a woman like Chris Brown .Keep Twitting You Twit...Go Team Breezy.

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