Rihanna and Chris Brown: Following Each Other on Twitter!!!

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Chris Brown is totally following Rihanna on Twitter! And vice versa! Let's hear it for letting bygones be bygones and patching things up via social media!

According to an impromptu investigation, both are not only following each other, but added each other very recently. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?!?!?

Rihanna in the Middle

Asked by a fan why she would follow Brown and if this meant something significant, Rihanna Tweeted back, "its fu**in twitter, not the alter! calm down."

LIKE OLD TIMES? Okay, maybe not quite.

A judge recently lifted the restraining order prohibiting them from having contact. It had been in place since he beat her up more than two years prior.

Rihanna basically said at the time that she was doing him a favor - no restraining order makes it easier for him to attend award shows and the like.

Just the same, she clarified that they have no relationship. If nothing else, following each other's Tweets implies some kind of relationship. Right?


guys its Twitter! come down smh


Y u ppl wasten yo time defendin Ri Ri .u ppl need 2 understnd breezy.it a8bt about deh violenze.it's about dah luv.Cris Brown Gaht for Ri Ri.


christopher morrice brown why r u wasten yo time wit dis crazy bitch because if she cared about she would have ben able 2 trusted watz on yo phone and yall wouldve have ben in dat mess if she didnt hit u first hell i wouldnt even hit u u 2 sexy 2 be hit on i am 22 years and i born the same day u was and i wouldnt wont a hoe 2 hit on me if i waz a male but im just sayn dont fall for wat thiz bitch got up her sleeve now slutty azz!oh and love u chris brown$


People are talking sh*t,Chris & Ri are grown ups and if they wanna date again,then hell yeah.mind your own businesses.


Chris Brown already tried to knock some sense into Rhiana the first time ,Let's hope Rhiana learns her lesson the second time around so can can finally graduate from the school of hard knocks.Rhiana is learning from Chris Brown the best woman beating professor.


Hey every1 calm dwn,let doz 2b riri cnt even do out dude.4gv n4get tatz wotzup!sm ofuz hz bn thru worst thnz wt our man buh stil hangn on wt him...I say let dem b love is al tat matterzzz! Rah Rah!!


i think people should leave both of them alone if rihanna wants to follow chris on twitter than that is their business so why is everyone getting so upset about it ? It is not like their gonna get back together again and if thry did than good for them but people please do not get upset just because their tweetingeach other it is not a big deal .


Next it'll be Arnold and Maria Shriver..patching it up!!


Ms. Rihanna your the best this chris guy used you and your money last time then BEAT YOU BLACK & BLUE I felt For You Then But If you Go Back To This Jerk I wont Feel Sorry For You Again PLEASE GET OUT NOW Jeff


A message from Chris Brown fans -Please accept are beloved woman beater,please,Thank You.

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