Report: Ronnie PUMMELS The Situation in Italy

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Apparently Jersey Shore drama extends beyond international borders.

Ronnie and The Situation got into a major fist fight with each other last night in Italy, according to TMZ, and based on the post-brawl images, well...

Let's just say someone won and someone lost. And let's just say Sitch was not the winner. Anyone surprised after he's antagonized Ron for years?!


The two arrived separately back to their apartment hours ago, with The Situation showing some red marks across his face and in particular around his left eye.

Ronnie's knuckles were torn up and bleeding.

Details around the fight are still unclear but reports say, astonishingly, that it all began with a blowout argument between Ronnie Magro and Sammi Giancola.

Somehow we're guessing Frank Sorrentino may be quietly smiling after reading this report. Dude had it coming. More details and bloody knuckles to follow ...


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Im so glad to here that ronnie and mike got into fight.... They are both dumb as hell! But u had to see it coming....


motherfucker ronnie u fucking loser! leave jersey shore ur boring!and take that fucking bitch sam whit u!!


OMG..its season 3-4..WHATEVER..and Ron and Sam are STILL FIGHTING? Are they even together? Like I HATE to watch the show because they're always im over it..the world is over it...YOU TWO SHOULD GET OVER IT. I watch the show because I love Snookie. ^_^... Give her HER OWN DAMN SHOW. And drop the rest of these "wannabe guidos & guidettes" off your payroll.


So you guys sit here and bash the people in the show, but yet you call them lovingly by their pet names? sitch? come on Kim Possible said that. His name is mike. It is completely fake, and if you don't realise that, you are dumb.


It is obvious the Snitchuation never got over the fact that Sam chose Ronnie over him in season one he has done nothing but cause problems for the two of them every since
it is about time someone took it to him
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sorry Ronnie when you were with Sam (snob) you did'nt want anything to do with anyone in the house you let her change you !! Mike just speaks the truth if drama means telling ppl the truth and as he watches backstabbers talk behind each others backs!! If it was'nt for him that show would be lame!!! who says its just for show i think deep down hes a sweetheart!!! sooooo there


First things first, Mike had it coming. And I'm guessing he needed to just stay out of it. Whatever it was.
But if it all started because Sammi and Ronnie where fighting!?
Really, them two will never get along no matter what. I almost hate watching the show because they ALWAYS fight. Most of the time it's over stupid crap.


Ronnie's a dick but the Sitch is a creep. They both had it coming.


i cannot wait to see this!!!!!! Its a stupid pointless show but its very very entertaining


Ronnie's road rage finally came out. I know that juice he's on would come in handy. The show would of been done after season 1 if it wasn't for the Situation and all the others would be broke.