Report: Oscar De La Hoya Battling Cocaine Addiction, Infidelity Charges

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Details are emerging on why Oscar De La Hoya has entered a treatment facility.

Insiders tell TMZ the boxer recently started dabbling in cocaine, a dangerous habit that contributed to infidelity in his marriage.

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While De La Hoya has reportedly told friends he hasn't hit rock bottom, he checked himself in to a rehab center in California a few weeks to take care of the issue before it got worse.

Said the former champion, soon after news of this decision was made public:

"After doing an honest evaluation of myself, I recognize that there are certain issues that I need to work on. Like everyone, I have my flaws, and I do not want to be one of those people that is afraid to admit and address those flaws.

"Throughout my career and my life, I have always met all challenges head-on, and this is no different. I am confident that with the support of my family and friends, I will become a stronger, healthier person.

"I ask for respect and privacy as my family and I go through this process."



This blond guy is supposed to be Oscar? Looks more like John Tesh's younger brother.


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Well, youre simply proud of the hige step you have taken for yourself and love ones.its hard but you will defeat prayers to and your family.


its okay oscar....just do what i do..i pray..i train and i dont take drugs...and if you say i do i might sue you. But for you i will withdraw all the charges just coz i pity you. Just dont do that again to anyboby please.


G H o.

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