Report: "Loser" Brad Womack Still Drunk-Dialing Emily Maynard

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Brad Womack and Emily Maynard have broken up, at least according to various reports. The Bachelor stars have not confirmed this on the record.

If we had to guess, they've likely refrained from commenting not because they are worried about the integrity of the show, as some have laughably speculated, but because they truly don't know if the breakup is for good.

After all, the split wasn't even their first.

According to Us, however, it doesn't look good: "Brad and Emily broke up, and Brad keeps drunk-dialing her," says an insider. "Brad is such a loser!"

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Another source says their relationship "ended two weeks ago," after Emily Maynard flew to Texas to smooth things over with the Austin-based bar owner.

Single mom Emily was the one who ended things, a third insider reveals. The reason? Their long-distance relationship was too much for her to bear.

"Emily is happy in Charlotte [North Carolina] and is not moving to Austin with [her 5-year-old daughter] Ricki," the insider dishes. "She is content."

Still, another friend of the couple insists otherwise.

"They are still very much together and engaged," the friend says. "They are on and off, but there is a lot of love there. This is just a rough patch."

What do you think? Will they last?

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i knew that emily would not move to austin, so why was she even on the show? and if they choose her for the next bachelorette, i will quit watching the show. i thought the contestants had to go thru physchological testing- if so, they need to hire neew ones... look at what a mess ashley was last season with her insecurity and it's really shown with her on the bachelorette and the bentley bs... with the track record of the shows couplings that actually make it down the aisle, i think it's time to throw in the towel. and people that's only gonna happen if we quit watching the shows and it gets bad ratings! enough of the bachelor and bachelorette- besides most of the people on the show are just there for their 15 minutes of fame.


Look Emily has a child from a race car driver. She is content with her life and her deceased fiance does have parents and they are her daughters grandparents. As far as moving to Texas,well shes in North Carolina again thats her comfort zone. Texas is a hard one to move to. Plus ol Brad is a drunk! He needs to get some help from AA in Texas.Emily doesn't want to expose her daughter to an alcoholic.


Come on Brad..You picked the spoiled princess with a rotten baby princess..what could you expect..give Ashley a ring..she is waiting to hear from you..and you'll have great teeth !!


And I agree that Mr. Hendricks probably has a lot of influence on what she does. Just because she had his grandson doesn't give him the right to do that. Although he is trying to protect his granddaughter the child's mother seems confused about everything and seriously needs some counseling. I guess Grandpa put her in that gigantic mansion too. Let him take care of her the rest of her life. She's too high maintenance and will never find a man. After her fiance died she dated quite a few race car drivers and none of them worked out either.


I don't think she ever had any intentions of marrying Brad. And she needs to stop bringing these random men into her daughter's life. I don't think she'll ever find anyone who will put up with her because she can't make up her mind about anything.


Brad still seems awfully insecure, but Emily just wanted to win. She needs alot of attention and seems to be very high maintenance. mAYBE HER ALMOST FATHER-IN-LAW has too much influence on her life and Ricki's.


Emily and Brad are both losers. In a perverse way, they are made for each other. The winner in this is Chantal O'Brien, the woman Brad rejected. She would have made a terrific Bachelorette. It would be nice to see more of her.


It was a mistake to bring Brad back. Tiger does NOT change it's spots. In three years he's suddenly a brand new man? Come on.He's a lush and a loser. One the show, it showed. Who would want a man like that? He has 2-3 bars and he's a complusive drunk? Stay around what he loves most--the bottle and think he's beat it? No, no, no. Can't beat or fool a fooler.
He's a fool. Move on Emily. You don't HAVE to get married!!!
Especially not to him. Don't throw your life away or Ricki's.


I wish that the people on The Batchlor weren't always drinking - it really detracts from the show. Other than that I really enjoy the show.


I wish that the people on The Batchlor weren't always drinking - it really detracts from the show. Other than that I really enjoy the show.

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