Rebecca Black: Not Pregnant!

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Can we all go back to having fun on Fridays now?

In response to a ridiculous, disgusting rumor that actually got picked up by CNN over the weekend, 13-year old Rebecca Black Tweeted last night:

Rebecca Black Tweet

With this nonsense out of the way, Black can return to the studio. She's signed a major record deal and will most definitely be heard from again.

Let's just hope the news outlets doing the reporting on this controversial star keep the focus where it belongs: her poor singing, not her imaginary bedroom behavior.


guys y r u hating on a 13 yr old? cuz she sings a song thats not the best in the world? THATS STUPID HONESTLY! :P


give her a break she is only 13, get a life


SHE has followers???? HAH. hilarious!!


Gosh rebecca black, if you hate being teased, why the hell did you release the crappiet song known to man? Stupid kid


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