Ralph Macchio on Dancing With the Stars Ouster: No Respect From the Judges!

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Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff had a great run, but ultimately fell short of the finals on last night's Dancing with the Stars results show.

The Karate Kid star says his elimination wasn't exactly a shock, but insinuated that the judges dug a hole for himself and Karina Smirnoff.

"We feel like the comments from the judges last night put us in a pretty tough position โ€“ even for our fan base โ€“ to pull it out," he says.

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"That was unfortunate because I thought some of the comments were disrespectful and not constructive for how I can better myself."

The actor felt like the judges were "making fun" of him and Smirnoff, and wasn't pleased. "I thought we earned respect over the season."

"It just felt like the playing field wasn't level for some reason last night. That was disappointing. But I was ready for this [elimination]."

Disrespected or not, it's hard to argue that any of the top three don't belong on merit, something that Macchio acknowledges freely.

Macchio believes Chelsea Kane is the best dancer of the remaining stars competing on the show, but thinks it's anyone's Mirror Ball.

Who do you think will bring it home?

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Please spare me this nonsense. This is not a real competition but a carefully scripted drama (of sorts). This is about showcasing "past their prime" performers, helping out has-been athletes, getting guys to watch sexy women, enticing women to watch out of sympathy, and giving gay guys an opportunity to denigrate someone other than their partner for a change. Endless and painful to watch, like watching your child sing off key in a school play. And the judges practice rehearsed venality. What a gyp!


I agree with all the comments. The judges are not fair to Ralph and Karina. They critize them in order to manipulate the viewer's thinking. This is a reality show. They should not change the procedures suddenly. Ralph got harsh comment from the judges. I lost interest in this show.


The judges were not disrespectful to Ralph Macchio, let's face it the poor guy couldn't dance. He always looked so stiff and appeared to be struggling. In fact Romeo was a much better dancer than Macchio. If anyone has a right to complain it is Romeo (but he is the bigger man). Macchio should have been booted off before Kendra and Romeo. He was lucky to have such a strong fan base but that doesn't mean he could cut a rug. Man up Macchio, time to stop all your whinning, your 49 years old, not that little Karate Kid any more. GROW UP!


horribly rude and uncalled for comments from all three judges. He has been a good dancer from the start and has worked very hard. Ralph takes his dancing seriously. For Carrie Ann to say, Oddly, I liked it," was not a complement at all. this season, the manipulation is rediculous. Because Himes brings in many male viewers and is valuable to the ratings, He has been praised as if he were a professional dancer when he has no footwork, no speed and minimal rhythm moves. The extra points were going to Chelsea before the night began becasue she has a smaller fan base. They should not have wasted time with the competition.


Ralph is exactly right. I've watched DWTS since it started and it bothers me to see how it has slowly changed from a fun, impulsive show to one that is always trying to manipulate votes and voters. When it looks like someone the judges don't like might make it they use their comments to manipulate how people might vote. They also always seem to have their favorite professional dancers too. I think that's why Edyta finally left the show, and they lost a gem with her. I may not be a returning viewer.


I agree with Ralph, the judges where disrespecful. They where not giving them a fair chance. Couples have done similiar steps and received alot higher scores. It was like they where trying to get them kicked off. They should not have been.

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