Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy: Royal Wedding 2.0?

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With Prince William and Kate's honeymoon officially underway, there's already talk of another royal wedding back in the UK. By one tabloid, at least.

Despite reports just last week that they will never get married, Life & Style seems to think Will's brother could be popping the question before long.

Suffice it to say, besides the consensus fact that Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry are back together and partying like rock stars, reports are conflicting.

Another Royal Wedding?

While Harry and Chelsy's relationship has had its ups and downs, sources claim that the younger prince is now prepared to follow in his brother's footsteps.

"Harry told Chelsy he's ready to settle down for good with her and make things official," an insider, without being named, or noting how drunk Harry was.

The couple, who met in 2004, split in September 2010 before reuniting again in February, but now Prince Harry says he's ready to take the next step.

"Harry has been accused of cheating on her in the past [which he's denied], and her friends at the time told her to ditch him," a pal tells the magazine.

Undeterred, Harry wants to take things up a notch, and he's even asked her close friends to convince Chelsy Davy that it's worth taking a chance on him!

Sounds romantic for sure. Accurate? That's much more debatable.

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I see some of your points about the workingclass gals. BUT... it is up to the Queen and if Kate has won her heart there should be no problem. I don't see Charles rising to the throne. And as for Davy and HENRY, how does a Henry become a Harry; not happening. She wants to party and does not know when to quit. He needs someone fun loving but responsible. Best of luck Henry, you are the most egible bo in the world and you have to weed out the fakes and the users. Cheers to your quest.


All the silly and immature comments made on whether Kate Middleton deserves to be Queen are thoughts that come from the mentality of children. It is not "royal blood" that makes a Queen. It is strength of character, intelligence and sensitivity and a kind of subtle, but strong sophistication and an open heart. These are the qualities that make a Royal and Kate possesses them, Kate, please don't pay ANY attention to the ramblings of jealous peasants below you. Just be yourself, that is ROYAL enough!


removed,because two words in my comments to have gotten re interrupt,once one presses the key to submit. i guess it's strange or erry...


ahh!!poor thing of course this is all true, because where i live my family works with the royals and well this is so true....i guess i don't know. traveling here traveling there,not staying in one spot to long,and yet, if i every met on was like a friend of jackie kennedy onassis and french royality ,i suppose no , i would understand any thing said in a true relax state of whats going on and laws,that are not said in america.yeah, i guess so?


I personally know Chelsy, my dad use to work for hers, and shes also friends(and an ex girlfriend) of my dads current bosses nephew. She told said nephew that she wouldnt marry Harry because she didnt want responsebilities, but she liked the perks so she would hang onto him as long as possible. This is all true. They will never get married.




i soooooooooooooo loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee harry like anything . he is sooo hautt !!!


why would he have to abdicate to marry davy? hes not next in line and besides they were broken up until she caught wind of the wedding being the hottest ticket around and wanted to be there...all of a sudden they r on again?? gold digger and as truthful as any lawyer i know


I guess her conflict is that she loves a man who happens to be a Prince. Chelsy obviously has a much more successful career (and is smarter and more independent) than Kate. I think Harry is the one who will have to make a decision. He can abdicate. They really have no need of the Windsors.

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