President Barack Obama: Made in the USA!

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In a light-hearted nod to the infamous birther controversy, President Barack Obama and his re-election campaign have released a new line of t-shirts and coffee mugs touting that the Commander-in-Chief was "Made in the USA!"

The "birthers" have long held the belief that Obama is not a natural born citizen of the U.S. of A. and thus ineligible to be president. Obama's birth certificate, released last month to quell the rumor, is featured on the shirts:

Obama said he "can't walk around with his birth certificate plastered on his forehead," so deputy campaign manager Julianna Smoot asked his supporters to wear it for him, according to an email message on Wednesday.

The birther conspiracy theory was given a loud, annoying mouthpiece this year in the form of Donald Trump, who allegedly pondered running against Obama but dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination Tuesday.

Analysts say Obama's release of the long form certificate showing the president was born in Hawaii in 1961 was a factor in Trump's non-bid fizzling.

"We do not have time for this silliness," Obama said, calling it a distraction from the real issues facing the nation. "We've got better stuff to do."

Obama then roasted Trump over the issue and others at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, while poking fun at himself as well.

Still not a believer? Tell us: Is Obama a natural-born citizen?


He has the all qualities for a leader.So,it is fine.


Obama is so awesome. You know, he's not all serious with his panties shoved up his ass even though he's president.
That's probably cuz he's black. or cuz he's a Democrat. Or both. But mostly cuz he's black. :)


Can you Please add the following line from the Webster Dictionary to the MADE IN THE USA side of the T-Shirt (Definition of MADE: a:fictitious, invented b: artificially produced) Merriam Webster Please send two large size. Thank you Wayne Fountain Valley CA


Smells like some cold war Mockingbird SPIN and propaganda?! Experts have announced that the recently released by WH BC is declared a forgery! Yes by experts! Even if aka BH Obama born in US still may not be a natural born citizen! MSM has put out misinformation as to Constitutional requirements for POTUS and phony version of definitions, history and even law?! This issue will not go away until aka Obama comes clean with all the necessary facts. OBTW why did HI not certify his election like the other states did? Yes, special double speak different than ALL other states! Today we see an aggressive behavior from WH! Yes, with a distraction bait and switch behavior similar to a “carnival barker� attacking a book just released and its author?! Something is not on the up and up. An alleged former intel operative does not get a free pass around the US Constitution and rule of law.


that one is inside ann for sure x


He may not have been “made� in the USA, but I am sure he was born here. Next people will want to know where he was conceived. Some people really need to get a life!

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