Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Reviews: Awful!

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Captain Jack Sparrow is back.

But is that really a good thing? Following two subpar follow-ups to one of the most enjoyable films of all-time, Johnny Depp has reprised his beloved role in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - and critics don't seem very happy about it.

Read on for a rundown of their scathing critiques...

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If you want to burden your movie from the outset, give it a protagonist who can't grow, can't change, can't feel and wants nothing. Then give Depp total license to mug his way out of this confinement. - The San Francisco Chronicle

Depp, back again as the swashbuckling miscreant who favors guy-liner and gold, somehow manages to keep this ship of fools afloat. But just barely. - The Los Angeles Times

There's enough of Jack doing his wild hand gestures and lucking his way into the story that Depp fans will dig it. These Stranger Tides lead to a shallow pool, but sometimes a nice wading session might be all you require. - E! News

There's little if anything here to keep us emotionally invested, and so the pile-it-on mutinies and sword fights and perilous dives off vertiginous cliffs exist just to wow us. - The Philadelphia Inquirer

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for those of you who hoped to see a movie with the old actors in it then you better pop your pipe dream! This movie was a prequil not a sequil.


Gotta be honest...I LOVE the Pirate movies...but this one was just not up to par. It was "OK" but it was definitely missing something. I didn't read any reviews until after I saw it, because I never listen to the critics, however, I think this time they are right I'm sorry to say!


My opinion, I didn't like it. The only part enjoyable to me was that Johnny Depp was in it. For one, they need to have Keira & Orlando back. Two, they should have gotten someone else to play Angelica's character...someone else that has chemistry with Johnny Depp. Penelope Cruz did not have chemistry with him and her over-acting sucks. Please watch it so you can see for yourself. The most disappointing part was that the other 2 main characters were not in it.


I was very pleased with the 3 movies before this one. I was not impressed with the 4th one. I won't say do not see it, but wait till it comes out on dvd and rent it or Netflix it do not waste your money going to see it in the theaters. It was not that good.


I saw the movie and honestly it sucked. Don't get me wrong I love Johnny Depp and his acting was really good as always but this movie was too predictable some of the jokes weren't funny and well it was like the ride in a way.


This movie was amazing i love it.I love Johnny Depp he amazing and also Penelope Cruz she look pretty


even though Johnny Depps look wasn't exact and Penelope Cruz looked a little fat and puggy and they didn't have her do alot of the fighting, being pregnant during filming and all, we still enjoyed it, I especially like the audience participation and applause at the end when they leave the movie set up for a following movie...I hope in the next one they bring all the old cast members back. I can't wait to see how the son of Keira/Orlando matures into a pirate himself.


So what if it got bad reviews. I will be excited to go see it anyway! These movies are great just because they have Johnny Depp playing a one of a kind character. The way I see it is: Johnny Depp, Disney,pirates, mermaids-what's not to like?!


These critics are stupid..like honestly these movies are fun! and thats what they are meant to be!!!!I find it funny that all the regular people who watch the movie find it awsome..while all the critics are the ones who arent liking it!..i think they should just chill out sit back and relax and try not to take them so damn seriously! I love all the movies and loved this one too!! not only was it funny..but it was adventurous..suspensful..and again the special effects are terrific...so critics you really need to lay off and just regain your imagination!remember that thing you had when you were kids!?? and johnny depp is by far the most talented and amazing actor on earth..he created one of the most iconic characters of all time that everyone will remember..not to mention all the others that we will never forget...


Don't listen to these critics. The movie was amazing, I was so glad that they managed to bring back the humor, action, and great story line that the first movie had. Critics just want to see dramatic sappy movies that will win five Golden Globe awards. They cannot always appreciate every movie for what it is. Everyone has their own opinion, and mine is that everyone needs to see this movie at least once. You will not be dissapointed, and as Captain Jack says at the end..."It's a pirates life for me."