Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Reviews: Awful!

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Captain Jack Sparrow is back.

But is that really a good thing? Following two subpar follow-ups to one of the most enjoyable films of all-time, Johnny Depp has reprised his beloved role in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - and critics don't seem very happy about it.

Read on for a rundown of their scathing critiques...

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If you want to burden your movie from the outset, give it a protagonist who can't grow, can't change, can't feel and wants nothing. Then give Depp total license to mug his way out of this confinement. - The San Francisco Chronicle

Depp, back again as the swashbuckling miscreant who favors guy-liner and gold, somehow manages to keep this ship of fools afloat. But just barely. - The Los Angeles Times

There's enough of Jack doing his wild hand gestures and lucking his way into the story that Depp fans will dig it. These Stranger Tides lead to a shallow pool, but sometimes a nice wading session might be all you require. - E! News

There's little if anything here to keep us emotionally invested, and so the pile-it-on mutinies and sword fights and perilous dives off vertiginous cliffs exist just to wow us. - The Philadelphia Inquirer

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this movie is not a prequel as keith said, barbossa had his leg before as you recall.
i loved the movie.


we went and saw this the first day it came out and i LOVED it. i will never ever listen to critiques because alot of times they are wrong and they are this time to me.


I really liked the movie and I do not know why it got bad reviews it was great for me.


i saw pirates 4 it was ok i guess but i've seen way better pirate movies. they could do a whole lot better.


I have a review of overly negative critics, they all suck. Go watch some subtitled foreign crap I'll take the "Pirates" franchise myself.


I just saw Pirates 4. Jack Sparrow does it for me, however, I did not think he had the chemistry, the spark, with Penelope Cruz. I will see it again and again until I can purchase the DVD. Can't wait for Pirates 5.


I just saw Pirates 4. Jack Sparrow does it for me, however, I did not think he had the chemistry, the spark, with Penelope Cruz. I will see it again and again until I can purchase the DVD. Can't wait for Pirates 5.


This movie is another geat episode of the Pirates. Critics put it down, but think the producers and actors of the movie will laugh all the way to the bank! Our whole family, kids, and grandkids attend the opening of every movie. We were not disappointed, but thrilled again. Ready for another one, with hopes Orlando and Keira will return. But the characters in this movie helped to make you not miss them so much.


I just saw the new Pirates movie and I think it was one of the best ever. Definetly see it in 3D, awesome special effects. Johnny Depp, as usual, was excellent in the role of Capt. Jack Sparrow. I did have my doubts about how good this movie would be since a lot of the original cast was not in it, but me and my son absolutely loved it and plan on seeing it again. Do not listen to the critics, I never do, you have to see it yourself and then decide. This is a must see!


I watched the movie with my husband and two kids and we all absolutely loved it. If you go to the theatre, make sure to stay until all the credits are played because they give a hint to the next sequel. Don't listen to the critics. I love Johnny Depp and the pirates of Caribbean series, so we were all eagerly antcipating the release. First, I was so glad that bloom was not in this movie. I hate bloom's acting/looks/everything about him is annoying to me...I must be the only one in the world that hates bloom. I loved the Mermaid's and it looks like they are going to be a part of a second triology that is being formed right now. Maybe a final series after this triology is done to bring all the old characters. Johnny Depp was amazing as ever and as always left me wanting more.