Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Reviews: Awful!

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Captain Jack Sparrow is back.

But is that really a good thing? Following two subpar follow-ups to one of the most enjoyable films of all-time, Johnny Depp has reprised his beloved role in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - and critics don't seem very happy about it.

Read on for a rundown of their scathing critiques...

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If you want to burden your movie from the outset, give it a protagonist who can't grow, can't change, can't feel and wants nothing. Then give Depp total license to mug his way out of this confinement. - The San Francisco Chronicle

Depp, back again as the swashbuckling miscreant who favors guy-liner and gold, somehow manages to keep this ship of fools afloat. But just barely. - The Los Angeles Times

There's enough of Jack doing his wild hand gestures and lucking his way into the story that Depp fans will dig it. These Stranger Tides lead to a shallow pool, but sometimes a nice wading session might be all you require. - E! News

There's little if anything here to keep us emotionally invested, and so the pile-it-on mutinies and sword fights and perilous dives off vertiginous cliffs exist just to wow us. - The Philadelphia Inquirer


Many people think the movie sucked horse balls and i agree, those who like it have seen it a few times, i have watched it a few times and i kind of liked it, the director did suck but the overall plot was good, the characters were random but after watching the movie a few times i found the connection between Jack and Angelica. people think that the movie is good but it really isn't it sucked and Disney should shut down the cash cow once and for all. Disney has already shut down Potco and many other games, so i wouldn't be surprised if potc dies to


review of potc 4:
- Jack was awesome...there was just 1 thing....HE WAS NOT IN LOVE YOU MORONS!!!! HE LIED! SHE IS A WHORE! SUCK IT UP!!!
- Blackbeard died died cuz jack had pity 4 the girl and because he wouldn't let a girl die and its better to save her then and EVIL ASSHOLE
- she will try to win him back ( she never even had him) and he CLEARLY wont go with her.......and i truly hope Disney does not screw potc 5...honestly disney, if you are reading this DONT YOU DARE screw it up!!! Its fu*king pathetic to say he is in love with her!!!
- she is NOT pregnant she is a bitch.
- Jack got his ship back, leaves with Gibbs to go get it's normal size back and is not immortal (the best part of the movie.)
- when he said he would choose the dog... HE MEANT IT!!!
so yeah...that is what REALLY happened! I know jack more than those people who ''created'' him and the MORON who plays him! Clearly. So don't reply...just THINK for a change...Plus...i wont read your reply.

@ Anne

so true!!! i thought no one figured it out! great review! perfect!!!! you rock :):):) how old R U?!?


.Really missed Keira and Orlando.Together with Johnnie Depp they made a fantastic team.


All you idiots btw saying this was the best one yet, go jump off a bridge. We dont need anymore morons like you spreading your retarded disease all over the face of this earth


If you thought this movie was good you are a absolute idiot who really did not enjoy the previous 3. This director never EVER deserves another gig. His screenplay everything was fucking awful. The movie wondered around and never got better and was such a fuckign disgrace to the other films. Even Johnny Depp wasnt the same in this film, he wasnt as awkward as he normally is, also since when is capt jack sparrow a good pirate? All the other films everything he did was based on blind luck and quick thinking. If a director can fuck something as simple as this up then he is obviously awful.


I believe that the films deserve to be finished. Jack Sparrow is not the only character we care about. We want to see what happens to will turner and elizabeth swan in the series. How do they unite. is it over. can they persevere? POTC4 sucks ass!!! It took forever to create a plot and when it did it crashed. The only highlight was the priest and the mermaid. And that was at the end and it led to nothing. welcome to mnbs. Hope u can relate.

@ Rob

they have a kid, will came back 2 live with them. Period. what do you want? A ''Will & Elizabeth: The movie'' ?!?

@ rach

LOL good one!!!


i thought that Pirates 4 was honetly the BEST ONE YET!
dont know why critics hate it so much cuz it was awesome
im about to go watch it AGAIN


Personally, I loved most of it. The sets, Johnny's acting, and the humor. However, Penolope Cruz's acting was a little disapointing in some- well, most parts. With all those stories going on at the same time, it kept me on my toes. 4 stars out of 5.


As a big 'Pirates' fan and an even bigger Johnny Depp fan, I was really looking forward to seeing the new movie, but was very disappointed. As always, Johnny Depp was wonderful as the quirky Captain Jack Sparrow, but he had his work cut out dealing with the other cast members. Kevin McNally as Mr. Gibbs is great, as usual, but where were Pintell and Ragetti?? They were a good comedy duo. And Barvbossa is always fantastic as Jack's nemesis. But Penelope Cruz was wooden and expressionless - and there was no chemistry between her and Depp. I never thought I'd miss Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, but this movie really needed them. At least Keira Knightley can act, which is more than Penelope Cruz can do. Johnny Depp carries this movie all on his 'oncey'. If it were not for the uniquely talented Johnny Depp, this film would sink without trace. Dark, dull and vaguely confusing, it's a let down. Shame.


i am a die hard pirates fan but i was really disapointed with the 4 one i didnt really like it at all where was orlando bloom this movie was just not what i was expecting

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