Pippa Middleton Arse Appreciation Society Membership Ranks Swell on Facebook

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Her sister may be the Duchess of Cambridge now, but Pippa Middleton also caught the attention of millions tuning in to the British royal wedding last Friday.

Thanks to her white, body-hugging Alexander McQueen gown, some even say Pippa stole the spotlight from her older sister. We wouldn't go that far, but ...

The fascination with Pippa Middleton, Kate's maid of honor, has even spawned a Facebook page: The unofficial "Pippa Middleton Arse Appreciation Society."

It's been "Liked" by nearly 200,000 people and counting.

Pippa Middleton at the Royal Wedding
Hot Pippa Middleton Pic

Pippa does look unreal in that dress. Just saying.

Not shockingly, the younger Middleton sister has quickly become one of the U.K.'s hottest bachelorettes, although she may not be that way for much longer.

She brought rumored beau Alex Loudon, a cricket player turned businessman, as her date to the wedding, and the two are reportedly getting very serious.

Regardless, tabloid interest in Pippa's personal life should only increase, thanks to Kate marrying Prince William - and because she's a great catch herself.

"At heart, Pippa is a nice, smart girl who likes to party and have fun," a source told the Daily Mail. Not a lot to dislike about that combination, is there?

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Oh !!pleace ,is she a beautifull woman?This is a joke.Both sisters are a mess !


i bet shes wearing spanks.


she is better looking then her sister I think Will married the wrong sister LOL


Kim Kardashian has a super big, round, fat ugly butt that will grow as she gets older. When she dresses, she wears a super tight body girdle to tuck her arse in.
Pippa has a beautiful shape all over.


She is a very attractive woman but what ass are these people exactly talking about? Go ahead and compare Kim Kardashian's ass side by side with Pippa Middleton's and you will see what real back is.


Gosh. It's getting abit much now, isn't it? I mean, she's pretty in a plain way, but that's about all you can say about her. She has a nice ass? So do a billion other women walking this planet, and most of them have better faces to compliment it.
Get. Over. Pippa.

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