Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry Need to Hook Up, Facebook Fans Concur

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No offense, Chelsy Davy. We think you're a great girl and all.

But apparently we were not the only ones thinking Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton, siblings of newly-married Prince William and Kate Middleton, looked adorable at the wedding Friday and would make a royally cute item themselves.

Are we wrong? Here's a photo of Kate's maid of honor and Will's best man:

Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry

There's already significant support for this couple - on Facebook!

An entire group page, "Pippa Middleton is single: Prince Harry likes this," is devoted to the possibility of Harry, 26, romantically wooing Pippa, 27.

Just hours after the Royal Wedding Friday, the group had more than 30,000 members, whose wall posts ranged from the sweet to the suggestive.

Harry is still linked to on-again-off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy (who attended the wedding), but images of him by Pippa's side got people buzzing.

They're even in one of the official Royal Wedding portraits. That pretty much settles it, these two will be engaged on the cover of OK! by June.

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they do kind of look cute together. Better than that chesly chick. She looks like a tweaker.


hahahhaha this is never going to happen


Would love to see Harry and Pippa together how cool would it be brothers marring sisters.


Prince Harry & pippa middleton look gud together. Pippa is far better than Chelsy davi. But still Prince Harry should stay single for a while. BTW He is young. I mean he is just 26, wat's the rush? And Prince Harry if u r reading this.Think about it. U R HOT. U deserve the best. U CAN GET WHOEVER U WANT AND WHENEVER U WANT. Who knows maybe u will find ur true love soon who is waiting for u. Just give it a try. It's ur life.


Feel kinda bad for Chelsy. Must suck listening to the whole world point out how good her boyfriend looks... with someone else!


Pippa and harry look AMAZING together! How cute would that be if they started dating!


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they should date earch other


They look quite cute together. I agree.

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