Hey, it worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not as well for Mary Carey.

But Luther Campbell, a former member of rap group 2 Live Crew, claims to be serious about his bid to become the next Mayor of Miami-Dade. Earlier this week, the celebrity penned a commentary that outlined key aspects of his political platform.

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Of course Michaele Salahi is starting a singing career.

The White House-crashing, Real Housewives of D.C.-starring, attention-loving waste of Oxygen tells Radar Online she has released a single titled "Bump It."

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Looks like Star Jones has someone to worry about aside from NeNe Leakes: her ex-husband.

The former talk show host, who feuded for weeks with NeNe on Celebrity Apprentice, is being sued by ex-husband Al Reynolds for $50,000. The cause of his legal distress? Star's alleged violation of a clause in their divorce settlement that stipulated neither could publicly insult the other.

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Former half-term governor and current famous person Sarah Palin slammed Michelle Obama on Twitter today for inviting Common to the White House.

Her beef? Palin and some others aren't thrilled that the rapper and actor promotes healthy diets once rhymed about burning President George W. Bush.

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