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In January, Newsweek ranked Grand Rapids, Michigan at number-10 on its list of "dying" American cities.

Did the city respond by crying over the snub? Pointing out the irony of a publication with a massive loss in readership over the last year posting any death watch that did not include itself on the list?

No. Instead, local citizens and celebrities gathered this week to set a world record for lip dubbing, as hundreds took to the streets and showed off the pride in their community via an impressively-executed rendition of Don McClean's "American Pie."

Incredibly, this was all shot in one take...

As the video has gone viral, Newsweek has actually responded to the motivation behind it and released a statement that reads:

First off, we LOVE your YouTube LipDub. We're big fans, and are inspired by your love of the city you call home.

But so you know what was up with the list you're responding to, we want you to know it was done by a website called by Newsweek (it was unfortunately picked up on the Newsweek web site as part of a content sharing deal)--and it uses a methodology that our current editorial team doesn't endorse and wouldn't have employed. It certainly doesn't reflect our view of Grand Rapids.

GR, 1. Newsweek, 0! Go celebrate tonight with a drink at the Amway, residents.

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We didn't see this feud coming.

Just hours after the season finale of American Idol, producer Nigel Lythgoe called out season nine winner Lee DeWyze for not appearing on stage and handing the trophy to Scotty McCreery.

Lee's response to the accusation that he snubbed the show? No one asked him until the final moments.

Nigel Lythgoe Image

But now Lythgoe has fired back again, basically calling DeWyze a liar. He Tweeted today: “True, he wasn’t asked to sing, but Lee knows he was asked to present the trophy [to the new Idol] a week before.”

The producer then said he didn't "wish to continue" this feud, but it's safe to assume DeWyze will reply to this charge.

Whose side are you on in this controversy?



UPDATE: Lee has simply Tweeted: "I respect the decisions made for the finale, and hope alls well that ends well."

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It wasn't quite Lady Gaga on Good Morning America, but Rihanna kick started Today‘s Toyota Concert Series this morning at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Walking through the crowd offers great access to the fans, but also risks. This one guy got little too excited when Rihanna walked by and grabbed the singer!

Luckily, Rihanna’s back-up dancers helped pull her away and the rest of the singer's concert seemed to go off without a hitch - and with plenty of hits.

Watch her perform "What's My Name," “S&M” and "California King Bed" ...

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Lady Gaga continued her Born This Way media bonanza by kicking off Good Morning America’s summer concert series today, live from New York's Central Park.

As evidenced by seeing Gaga on American Idol (and Letterman, and The View, and about every other show), she always goes all-out, never once phoning it in.

With Cruella DeVil hair and a red-riding hood ensemble (or something) the caped crusader for all things fierce ziplined (seriously) over the crowd to the rescue.

All in all, standard fare for the Mother Monster, a.k.a. the Hardest Working Woman in Showbiz. Watch her entrance, then one of her songs after the jump ...

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There's really no other way to say this: Whoopi Goldberg let one rip on The View this week.

Asked by guest Dr. Oz if there was a history of farting on the show, the host wasn't shy about her take on this habit: "There is more room out than in!" Whoopi exclaimed, as Barbara Walters looked on, mortified.

Goldberg then appeared to demonstrate her penchant for passing gas right there on the spot; once again, to the horror of Walters...

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Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina have both released their first singles, but many American Idol fans are actually more anxious to hear from another season 10 finalist.

When might Pia Toscano release her debut album?

Pia Parties

The popular singer admits she got a "head start" on the CD because she was voted off the show weeks ago, but she still can't pinpoint a release date. She can share a few details, however.

"It's definitely going to be big ballads, but there's also going to be those fun up-tempo songs, those dancing songs," Pia tells People. "I feel like on the show people really only saw me in one way, and I want to show the world that I can do other things."

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They tried to make Amy Winehouse go to rehab and she said yes, yes, yes ... but not before stopping at at Meadway Food and Wine in Southgate, North London to buy a miniature bottle of Smirnoff. Somehow we can picture it.

"She seemed out of it," an onlooker tells The Sun.

Somehow we can picture that as well.


"She was stumbling about, slurring words. I was shocked to see her buy vodka so early in the day, and even more shocked to see her knock it straight back."

The singer's rep tells The Daily Mail that Amy Winehouse checked into rehab because "she wants to be ready for performances in Europe this summer and wants to get an assessment. She will remain at The Priory on doctors' advice."

Wonder if the doctors advised easing the transition with that Smirnoff.

This isn't Winehouse's first stint in rehab: the singer sought treatment in 2008 to treat her addiction to drugs and alcohol. Clearly that worked well.


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Kendall Jenner is 15 years old and on birth control.

This fact was confirmed by Khloe Kardashian earlier in the week, as she sat with E! News and previewed the upcoming, sixth season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

"She is on birth control," Khloe said of her sister. "But  I don't want it to be bad... Because it's not that reason why she's on birth control."

Kendall J.

In other words: Kendall may not be sexually active. Various types of pills also regulate one's menstrual cycle and/or assist with acne.

Of course, many people out there might still take issue with a 15-year old on birth control for any reason. Especially a certain, former Vice Presidential candidate. Are you among them? What do you think of Kendall on birth control?



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Because one Kara DioGuardi reality show isn't nearly enough...

The former American Idol judge will appear alongside Jewel on the singing competition Platinum Hit later this month, premiering May 30. But for those who are dying to go further inside the life of this songwriter, Bravo will soon have the show for you!

The network has given the greenlight to Kara. It will likely air in late 2011.

Kara Image

"Kara is the perfect addition to our latest development slate," said Eli Lehrer, vice president of development at Bravo. "People have one perception of DioGuardi, but this series will peek behind the curtain and reveal much more interesting and multi-faceted aspects of this incredibly successful, talented artist and business woman.

"We believe her dynamic personality and fascinating career will resonate with our audience and reflect our pop culture brand."

Will you tune in for Kara?

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Ciara is certainly no stranger to revealing fashion, so it's not shocking that the R&B singer feels quite at ease wearing anything ... or nothing!

"I feel the sexiest when I'm by myself, walking around nude," the 25-year-old says. "I have this new obsession with nudity, it's really weird."

"It may sound weird, but I just really love embracing the body."

Weird, perhaps ... but weird in a hot way!

Although Ciara works out five days a week and tries to "eat clean" most of the time, her goal isn't to become thin, just to stay in relatively good shape. "I would never advise somebody to be so strict to where you don't enjoy yourself," she says.

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