Osama bin Laden Death Photo to Be Released?

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With conspiracy theories swirling, President Obama has decided to release at least one photo of a dead Osama bin Laden, according to The Drudge Report.

No word on when the White House plans to release the first image. However, a senior U.S. official tells CNN that there were three sets of pictures taken:

  • Photos of the raid where Osama bin Laden was killed.
  • Photos of bin Laden's body taken after the raid.
  • Photos of the late terrorist's burial at sea.
Osama bin Laden Pic

Why not show proof you can that Osama bin Laden is really dead? Because the photo that most clearly shows his face is also the most graphic taken of him.

Due to the massive head wound across his face, officials do not believe it is suitable to run in the media, however it's the image that's undeniably bin Laden.

No word when and if that particular image will be released, but the "Osama bin Laden death photo" circulating online today is NOT real. It's a hoax, people.

One you can see after the jump if you really want. It's grotesque, probably NSFW and NER (not even real), so you honestly don't have to bother, but ...

Osama bin Laden Death Photo (Fake)

As you can see, someone who really needs to get out more took a photo of some other mangled corpse and superimposed bin Laden's face onto it. Sick.

What do you think? Should the government release the real pics?


If the dune coons think bin Laden is still alive, go see if you can find him. He's dead...get used to it. The reason we don't show the death photos or the vid of the burial is that they not only cut off his head, but castrated him, too. Then they used his head to play soccer on the flight deck of the U.S.S. Vinson. When they got tired of kicking the son of a bitch around, they put all his parts in a burlap bag - not a muslim burial - and tossed him overboard. PETA is filing suit against the Navy for cruelty to sharks, because they fed sand nigger to unsuspecting animals!




Oh my god, can none of you speak proper english? i think i could teach a monkey to express their opinions less like a retarded, half-brain idoit!


Americans need to educate themselves in every basic aspect from communication to socialization . They seem to come off too loud . The american language is unacceptable evry where else in the if u speak like that u just sound uneducated. Besides u ppl need to shut up sometimes the worlds most corrupt nation. Raising whores and gangsters yet they claim they are the best. A country where promiscousity is entertainment. America is the beginning of the end. I pity.


& he fuck around & probably not be dead ! Well damn, I'mma be mad if a muh fuckas come & get Obama ! Or if they try to take over our shit how we did theres ! *HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING* This shit is just crazy hough ! We all hearing he dead, if he dead just let his ass be dead & it ain't over cause he knew this day was going to come (If he's really dead) & His lil nigga's gone come & fuck us up ! It's sweet, but not that sweet boy ! (EXCUSE MY SLANG) But seriously ! It's gone be some shit !


This shit crazy as hell booooyyy !


Nice editing with Photoshop.


America are so stupid to relise this shit. Open your eyes and start smelling the roses


The truth is between the details of the operation that our Military A-Team performed.
By all indications,there is a moment by moment, play by play of minutes that our Armed Forces arrived on the scene at the compound.
There is absolutely No way that our military would be able to release such specific details of the wife using her own self as a shield,and the fact that the wife was shot in the leg and other details that we all have already heard,and these statements Not be challenged if they were Not true.
I can easily respect others' opinions that are different than mine,because my opinion is No more value than another person's opinion.
Case in point:
I have my own definition of the word debate,but someone else's opinion may be debate (IS WHAT YOU CATCH DE FISH WITH). PEACE, LOVE, AND UNDERSTANDING!!!



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