OMG: Brad Pitt Cheats on Angelina Jolie With ANOTHER Nanny!

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What about us?!

That's basically what Star is saying by recycling its old standby, Brad Pitt cheating on Angelina Jolie with the hired help. This BS has been their bread and butter for years - then Arnold Schwarzenegger has to go and actually do it!

This magazine alleges that Angelina caught him red-handed with the “young, sexy, Jen look-alike” nanny. Of course she looks like Jennifer Aniston. Nice touch.

Angie’s revenge? Insisting on only hiring “hunky bodyguards.” That'll teach him!!!

Snooze. Perhaps if they hadn't run this exact story 10-15 times in recent memory, it would come as more of a shock to us. Eh, no, it still probably wouldn't.

Brad Cheating on Angelina!

Brad's been caught so many times at this point, it's pretty miraculous they're still together. He's got to be reaching double-digit affairs, according to Star.


Care your own! You bitches!


Karma is bullshit! I don't believe it. Leave the celebrities alone.Stop blah blah. gossip


If a man leaves his previous fiancee for you easily, what makes you think he won't do the same to you? Once a cheater = always a cheater.


I'm glad! Karma is something else! If he'll do it with you, he'll do it to you! Did she think she would get away with cheating with another woman's husband?


OMG does he have a love child too?????????


If you are so concerned with the "world burning" then why are you reading this and taking the time to comment?


who cares? the world is on fire and this is what we care about?

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