Olivia Wilde and Bradley Cooper: All Over Each Other in NYC!

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Bradley Cooper had himself a wild night out in New York City this week. Make that an Olivia Wilde night out, to be exact!

Following the premiere of The Hangover Part II on May 23, cameras captured the movie's star and the House actress getting cozy with each other at the Boom Boom Room - an apt name for the locale, considering the photos snapped by Life & Style:

Olivia Wilde and Bradley Cooper Pics

"Olivia was Bradley's date," a witness tells the tabloid. "He was always taking her hand or putting his hand on her lower back, it was really sweet. He took care of her all night... They were definitely together."

The stars reportedly left together just past midnight.

Cooper has most recently (and hilariously) been linked to Jennifer Aniston, while sources had claimed Wilde had started seeing Justin Timberlake.


I loooooved Donny from age 4 fawrord...My husband wear stuff from The Banana quite well...I have to remember to shop there for him more often.Speaking of...my fave lines from Will & Grace:Will: [sees Jack at the Banana Republic] Hey, I just received a message saying that you have a new job, and you're going to buy *me* dinner. There's, like, eighteen things wrong with that sentence.Jack: Will, the Banana has changed my life. It's all about the Banana.Will: Hasn't it always been?


I don't like her. Divorcing her husband so she can become a slut to all the hollywood guys. Lame.


apparently every time olivia wilde meets a new actor she's dating them. i for one am really, really tired of hearing it. who cares.

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