Olivia Ward Speaks on Biggest Loser Triumph

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If you missed it, Olivia Ward won The Biggest Loser last night.

She and her sister, fellow finalist Hannah Curlee, had already won big before the final results were even unveiled. The combined weight they lost is nearly what Olivia alone weighed at the start of The Biggest Loser’s 11th season!

In an interview with OK!, the ladies discussed their journey.

Olivia Ward, Hannah Curlee

Tipping the scales at 261 pounds, Olivia, a married  opera singer, had been told by her doctor that she might never bear children if she didn’t change her life.

That was enough to spur her into action.

She went on the weight-loss show and did just that with Hannah (who, by age 32, had ballooned to 248 pounds) by her side, dropping half her body weight!

Not only did that earn her a $250,000 prize and bragging rights, but something all the more important - self-respect, and the feeling that she's in control.

"Food was the one area of my life where I could be out of control. Then last summer, I turned 35, and I started to panic," she tells the celeb gossip magazine.

"I felt like I had wasted years being overweight. I decided I did not want to live another day in that body. That’s when I reached out to The Biggest Loser."

Hannah Curlee, Olivia's sister, shares her story of redemption as well:

"I was a college athlete, and people had such high hopes for me. [After I gained weight] if I saw someone from my past, I would duck into bathrooms."

"I was just in a funk. I thought, 'I’m never going to have kids because no one is going to want to marry me.' It was just a vat of self-pity."

Safe to say that's no longer an issue! Way to go, Olivia and Hannah.

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look super, does she have loose skin or was it removed