NeNe Leakes on Celebrity Apprentice Resignation: No Regrets!

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NeNe Leakes made many enemies during her run on Celebrity Apprentice, which concluded with the reality star's resignation. Does she regret such a move? No way.

"I always do what my gut tells me to do," she said The Ellen DeGeneres Show today. "I'm a grown woman, and nobody makes decisions for me. I make my own decisions. It was a toxic situation for me."

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What about her feud with Star Jones? Would NeNe change anything about that?

"I needed to get it out," she says. "I wish I could have maybe had a different delivery, maybe better word choices, but I'm OK with it. I felt she deserved it. I know everybody in Hollywood knows I'm telling the truth [about Jones]."


Iknow that Nene could have gotten that same point across without all the profanity and threats, and if you have never been abuised then you know the effects it has on a person.


I love you nene, and your sway too.


2 points: 1) It is a show of “firsts� according to Mr. Trump. And so, in that spirit, it will be the first time someone (Nene) quits the show without growing to regret it ! How about that? 2) Mr. Trump is a hypocrite. On one hand he expresses disdain from the degradation of Ethical standards in the world of business and finance, and on the other hand, he runs a show that promotes and rewards unethical behaviour. Nene exposed his show for its lack of Ethics, which was the real reason he was pissed off.


Nene Leakes, is a joke,,,,I was a fan of hers until she displayed who she really is,,,an abusive big mouth bully, that can't take the heat...She quit because th tea switch she had show if she could walk all that talk,,,The men's team would not take the abuse, the mouth etc... She could not complete the task so she ran!!! Big mouth bully I can't wait until her 15 minutes is over... Go away "BIG MOUTH MOOSE"


I think that no matter how much money you have you should never forget where you come from. If Nene was acting very uppity and had her nose in the air that would be fake and classless. A person that is going to be themselves no matter who is watching is admireable... You want her to change who she is, hell no... now that's not how I would of reacted but beleive me I would have gotten the same point across... and it doesnt matter how she got her claim to fame, where is yours?... you dont have one, and are you on welfare? since u are not famous are you on welfare?..Just because you are out spoken and havent become famous does not make you a candidate for welfare....GO NENE


well said "keeping it real"


Oh yeah folks! Nene Leakes can NEVER do anything wrong. Dignity? Leakes would not recognize dignity if it bit her on on giant butt. She is a bully. And she's mean. For someone who proclaims that she is against abuse, she can sure dish out a whole pile of emotional abuse to others, including threats of physical violence. I hope she gets what she deserves and sinks back into obscurity.


I am glad Ne Ne got out of that Mess they call a show. Donald Trashy Trump is messy and thunk this what America wants to see. Well it's not I don't know how much you pay these people, but its not enought to degrade each other they way Star did to the others on her team. Satr thought she had it all down until Donald Trump told her " Star You're Fired" the look on that Donkey Face Heifer was priceless.... She look like she seen a ghost. Can someone please tell me what case Star Jones worked on and when was the last time she worked a case as she say "A LAWYER" I don't think she has the credentials to be called a lawyer at this point.... I am soproud of Mrs. NeNe Leaks for standing up as a person with dignity. Sometime it's not all about the Benjamins.....


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NeNe Leakes: I am very rich, b--ch! Do you understand?
Sheree Whitfield: You must not know what rich is... if you're rich, you need to get your f--king teeth fixed! How 'bout that?!

[to Andy Cohen and Kenya Moore] Do I need to pull down your pants and kiss your ass? Should I hold a gay function?

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