Mylo: Just a Cat, Doing Cat Stuff

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Meet Mylo.

In the latest example of a cat's shenanigans taking over the Internet, this feline has earned hundreds of thousands of YouTube hits by just being himself and doing stuff. What?!?!?

That's right, he's just a cat and he's doing cat stuff! Marvel over Mylo in the hilarious music video posted here:


Awweh so cute!!


I do Not have a hangover, even through I did see part II on yesterday. If laughter is the best medicine, I've already had my afternoon dose after seeing this purrfect little entertainer. We humans Never know what is hidden behind that loving pet that we go to the store and spend too much time in their department trying to figure out what foods and supplies they like. Christmas before last 1 of my favorite cousins,brought me a little plague that says "my cat is Not spoiled, I'm just well trained." The funny part about my little personal pet story is this cat lived Next door,she came to visit and Never left. There are No hard feelings between my Neighbors and I because of this cat. As a matter of fact my Neighbor made me laugh when he said "that cat knows how to work both sides of the fence."