MTV Announces Spinoff For The Situation

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A Situation is coming to MTV. One in which Mike Sorrentino gets his own Jersey Shore spinoff series, ensuring he stays on TV through AT LEAST 2012.

Just like Snooki, JWoww and Pauly D ... Mike has signed a "series development deal" with the network for an unnamed project ... a.k.a. reality show.

It's unclear what a Situation spinoff will consist of, but it's a safe bet there will be lots of GTL, STDs and third-person nickname references involved.

We Got The Situation

Mike said in a statement: "I'm excited to continue my relationship with MTV ... Hopefully, there will be plenty more situations in the future."

What a douche.


There wouldn't have even been a season 2 of Jersey Shore if it wasn't for The Situation. Let's be real, he made the show cool.
He deserves a spin-off and a little respect.


WTF MTV!?!?!?! Hes a fuckin dusche bag whos nothing but lazy, trashy, and a complete dramtatic piece of shit... He knows hes off suckin everyones dick and tryin to play straight...No one on Jersey Shore seems to care of the fucker lives or dies so why ruin TV with that loser havin his own show?? I love you snooki


This show made Angelina/Sam look like sl*ts while this idiot gets his own show??? How does that work? We are fueling his narcissism.


What will it be about? Treating woman like crap and blowing sunshine up his own arse? I have become less a fan the longer I get to see him in action. He is nothing more than a selfish pig and deserves to fade away.


mmmh. I rather watch Snookie Jwoww spin off.

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