Miley Cyrus Gets a New Tattoo! Again!

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Back in December, the amazing Miley Cyrus tapped into her religious side when she got a tattoo of a cross on her finger while in New Orleans.

Well, the singer and actress just got some more ink in Rio!

Brazilian tattoo artist Fabio Sattori did the job (see photos here) with Miley getting inked on her right wrist, along with some of her friends.

Miley Waves in Rio

What's the design this time? For the moment, no one knows.

Tats aside, the former Hannah Montana star has been having fun in Brazil with family and friends. She resumes her Gypsy Heart tour in Colombia Thursday.

"I never want Gypsy to end. I would love more than anything to continue traveling. The world gets more beautiful everyday," says the inspirational youngster.

"Brazil has inspired me to add one more song to my set. I think you guys are gonna be very happy about the new addition (sic)," Cyrus posted on her Twitter.

Are you a fan of her growing number of tattoos? Of Miley Cyrus in general? Discuss!

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MILEY is awsome. ppl need 2 stop judeing her. iam A huge fan. She sussposed to live HER LIFE. if she wants to get a tat let her. mostly evr1 is gettin one. People needa fall Back on miley. i think shes just liven her life. and ppl are pathetic callinng her mean names. people like thbat are just jealous of mileys success and fame. She still a teen so back off. LOVE YOU MILEY IF U READ THIS :)))))


She's not a kid anymore guys..I dont see what the big deal is, its her body and her decision. More than half of this population has tattoos, so lets make a big deal out of it just because a celebrity gets one! She works just like the rest of us do, except her work is more noticed than others. Give the girl a break! I honestly feel bad for some of these celebs, who's every move is criticized by the public. I know they know that fame comes with a price, but it shouldn't. Singing and Acting is something she obviously loves to do, how can she enjoy it when every move she makes is a big deal and blown waaay out of proportion!! She is entitled to make mistakes just like the rest of us, you cant expect her to be perfect all the time! She's a human being not a friggin robot!


There is nothing wrong with how she least she isnt being arrested everyday for drugs or alchoholism like some stars!! so she wants tattoos..most stars have them these days it doesnt make her a bad is her body and her choice!! it is none of our duties to judge her, that is for only one person to do!! let her live her life back off....


I don't get it.. what's everyones obsession with ruining her? Leave the poor girl alone. She's an adult now it's ok for her to grow up. She gets a few tattoos and its a huge deal? Who doesn't have tats these days? I mean look at Kat Von D.. shes idolized and known for her tats and shes still beautiful... who cares.. you people need a life if you are this consumed in this poor girls life and decisions. Find a better story.. i dont know.. maybe one worth judging someone over? Charlie Sheen gets praised for being a drug addict and not giving a rats ass but Miley gets a tiny tat and is being ridiculed? GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK!


Actually Missi, there are 2 t's in tattoo.


Its her body, I have ink...I have 3 tattoos and they all stand for something.... I was to get mroe ink.... there is nothing wrong with it.. it is her body and it honestly does not matter what we thing about what she does... she is a LEGAL ADULT now and it is up to her what she wants to do with her life and body.


I live in a rural area and yes i live in a trailer and i have no tatoos. All these words are spelled right too, go figure.


OHH WOW she gets two tattoos and shes trailer trash! really come on people!! its her life and if she regrets one its her mistake! gee wiz who cares i mean everyone now a days has tattoos


tats are not trash, its body art and as long as its in good taste its a beautiful thing. its frankly no ones bussiness what miley does with her body.... its her body! as far as being trailer trash... she grew up with more money then you've ever seen in your life sweet heart but her parents kept things real and raised her up right, she's NOT a snotty know it all bitch because of money. those who put others down are not happy with their own lives and misery loves company! kharma sweet heart will come visit u some day for the negative way you speek of others.


why is everyone so obsessed with her getting tattoos?? i started getting them around her age now im 32 and i have 17 with lots more to come, there is nothing wrong with it. and just because you have tattoos it does NOT make you trailer trash, they is just ignorant. there must be better things to be reporting on?


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