Miley Cyrus Gets a New Tattoo! Again!

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Back in December, the amazing Miley Cyrus tapped into her religious side when she got a tattoo of a cross on her finger while in New Orleans.

Well, the singer and actress just got some more ink in Rio!

Brazilian tattoo artist Fabio Sattori did the job (see photos here) with Miley getting inked on her right wrist, along with some of her friends.

Miley Waves in Rio

What's the design this time? For the moment, no one knows.

Tats aside, the former Hannah Montana star has been having fun in Brazil with family and friends. She resumes her Gypsy Heart tour in Colombia Thursday.

"I never want Gypsy to end. I would love more than anything to continue traveling. The world gets more beautiful everyday," says the inspirational youngster.

"Brazil has inspired me to add one more song to my set. I think you guys are gonna be very happy about the new addition (sic)," Cyrus posted on her Twitter.

Are you a fan of her growing number of tattoos? Of Miley Cyrus in general? Discuss!

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i don't see whats wrong look britney got tattoos everybody gets them so get over it


I'm not a Miley fan but I do love tattoos. She is an adult and not doing Hannah Montana kiddy shows anymore so let her be. BFD!!


I don't have kids now. But I don't want HER to ever go near my kids she is a freaking idiot


Wow! Mileys new tattoo! Do i care? Hell no! Who gives a rats ass!


Miley Cyrus got a tattoo. OMG ! Breaking news !!! Morons.


Miley‚̃^ƒgƒD�[‚Í�A‰Âˆ¤‚¢�š�™ ‚킽‚µ‚àƒ^ƒgƒD�[‚µ‚Ä‚Ý‚½‚¢‚È‚Ÿ�[!!


i wonder if she will regret it later in life. She has alot already & seem kind of stupid like the word love on your ear. Barf.


it cool to get a few tatoos but be sure not to over-do it, it was look disgusting. but i think its still ok at her stage now...


im not a big fan of miley..but its her life...
selena is better than miley
bt miley is a adult girl not a kid
so stop judging her


Miley does do things that are a bit extreme, but now she is 18 she can do whatever she wants. She can date whoever she wants. The paparazzi just love takes hits at her, because they have nothing else to do with their time. Miley has a really big heart, she spends time giving back. She's apart of geturgoodon and she sees her some of her fans in the makeawish. Miley constantly gets hated on, talked about, and gets more attention everytime someone responds. Miley has this thing "radiate love" and I like the message that's what this world needs to do. instead of trying to constantly drag her name through the dirt


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