Miley Cyrus Covers... Nirvana?!?

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We already know that Miley Cyrus can make like Bret Michaels.

But who could have guessed that the young singer had any Kurt Cobain inside her?

On Friday night, a fan in attendance at Miley's concert captured her covering the Nirvana hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit." How did she do? Watch and decide:


oh god not, just no!!!


Why'd she have to ruin such a great song??...


OH.MY.GOD. okay miley you can ruin the song you want but NOT NIRVANA!


I can't believe this dumbfuck dared to ruin such an amazing, classic song... I wish kourt was alive so he could hire someone to murder her


shutup miley cyrus you ugly and mad cus no one like you nd i dont like you no more

Hugh berry iii

it was great; i say wow; i cant get enough,,, ; )


was that a karaoke tourament or was that courtney


If Kurt were alive he'd kick her in the face. This is an insult and a travesty. The woman is obnoxious.


U need to love someone or something b4 u hate it. and hate is a strong word, i use dislike, and i love miley so much that i dont judge her or anyone else in the world, im not the judging kind of person, i am lovable, kind and friendly but i got haters that use to be my friends, well so called friends and when i meet miley, i want to be true friends with her, no matter how much it takes...


i am a fan of mily and a fan of kurt and i have never not liked anything mily has done but not even half way thru the song i had to turn it off it was really bad nobody can sing that song like kurt and there really is no point of anyone sorry if i have made anyone mad but the truth is the truth and like i said i am a fan of mily as well...

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