Mildred Patricia Baena: Arnold Schwarzenegger Mistress, Mother of His Love Child

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Well, that was prompt. The mother of the child Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered out of wedlock has been revealed: Mildred Patricia Baena, who goes by Patty Baena.

Baena was a housekeeper/assistant for the family for 20-plus years. Her jobs included cleaning, laundry, cooking and other chores for Arnold and Maria Shriver.

Sources say in the late '90s Patty began to pursue Schwarzenegger.

Mildred Patricia Baena, Love Child

Patty Baena with her son, whose father is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

She told friends they'd have unprotected sex during the day at the house, where Patty Baena sometimes stayed overnight. No one ever caught them in the act.

When she became pregnant, she didn't tell Arnold he was the father.

Schwarzenegger Arnold didn't learn he was the dad until the boy was a toddler, which would have been right around his first run for governor, or possibly after.

Mildred Patricia Baena, who made $1,200/week was treated well by Arnold before, and especially after he found out. Sources say he was "always generous."

Patty, who has recently retired, now lives in a house several hours outside of L.A. with the boy and three other kids. Arnold and Maria have four of their own.

News of Schwarzenegger's out of wedlock child broke earlier this week and shed new light on his recent separation from Maria Shriver, his wife of 25 years.

It's unclear why he told Maria, but the revelation apparently caused her to move out of the family's mansion abruptly. Given the circumstances, not shocking.

The affair took place over a decade ago, and Patty Baena continued to work for the family until this year, making this way more than your standard affair.

The love child's name is not being revealed, however his features are like Arnold's. TMZ released the following picture last night, in addition to this report:

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Si senor exgobernador Arnold Schwarzenegger el pez por su boca muere, los actos dicen mas que mil palabras..............


Arnold is now famous for banging the uglies
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got to see how weak he really is!
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Mr. Schwarzenegger business is his own and really is not of concern to anyone else except his immediate family. America needs to clean up their own closet because you are a very evil nation which is prevalent by the natural disasters that has fallen on the country last year and this year. It only going to get worse unless the country changes their evil ways.


its 2 bad some people jsut NEVER learn,,its not our business people,,life is what u make of it,,if maria feels sorry 4 herself,,maybe its her fault,,,,we have no idea,,and y does it matter,,,are THEY NOT AS HUMaN AS U,,AND I F THEY R ,,WHY DOES IT MATTER TO US WAHT HAPPENS ANYHOW,,ITS NICE PEOPLE TREAT EACH OTHER AS HUAMN,,,SO JSUDGE YE NOT SILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS NOT YOUR LIFE,,I WISH U BOTH LUCK FINDING YUR HEARTS JOY AGAIN,,BOTH OF U,,,MAY CREATOR BLESS AND KEEP U ,,TIL U BOTH FIND JOY AGAIN


Arnold, you should be ashamed of yourself. You've broken your wife's heart in millions of pieces. I believe in time she will forgive you- just don't push it right now. Baena, you gold digging, shameless, tacky, trifling,jealous, scally- wag jezebel-slut; how's your 24 hours worth of fame? She's speaking of loyalty to his family; what were you doing-sniffing Maria's panties when Arnold wasn't looking? He should have been question your motives while you were employed by him and his wife. Couldn't have been me, I would've snatched your ass in half on my first instinct. Don't think it's too late. Maria could still snatch your ass up. Scandalous Ho! you don't deserve the title: Whore. The difference is they get expensive homes, cars, diamonds, etc. You are a pathetic, poor excuse of a piece of woman.I hope Maria break all four limbs, tramp.I hope you read this. Mrs.Arnold Schwartzanegger you will never, ever at no time in your trashy life be.Read On HARLOT!


ARNOLD U ARE TO BE ASHAMED REALLY HOW BIG IS YOUR EGO THAT IT NEEDED TO BE STROKED. NEVER PLAY OUTSIDE THE BAND ON UR HAND,,I really liked some of his movies but as far as this plays out no way will i even look at him. THE NASTY BAENA shes guilty the sleaze filthy lying conniving deceitful .. u stalked & pursued a married man ,, how gross needy & pathetic,, he'll never wed u hed be a fool..slu$$y cow.. grazing where she didnt belong .. what goes around will come back. my heart & prayers are to maria.. he got what he wanted marriage kennedy usa what else do YOU WANT SIR?


I feel sorry for Arnold's wife. It would take time before her wounds heal... I can't blame Arnold for falling in-love with their maid. She did everything that his wife should be doing... Lesson here is don't let your maid does everything for your husband;)


All the more reason why parents should not allow their kids to put celebrities, politicians, musicians or athletes on a pedestal. It's disappointing. I am not now, or never has been a fan of Ah-nold, da Terminator. I guess the SNL skit of ah-nold being "here, to pump you up" somebody at least, is true. Everybody loses in this deal except for those two cheaters, which is unfortunate, because they should be the biggest losers in this deal.


The child will be MORE than fine...Arnold will make sure he will be well taken care of,not only through out his childhood, but for the rest of his life. Arnold will pay for the child's education and all the other necessities of life. I don't feel sorry for anyone in this DRAMA - I feel for Maria a bit, the embarassment, but even so, she has a $100 million of her own money, 4 fantastic children, career options galore, ...honestly, she is better off than 99% of the women on this planet. And she will probably find love again with a guy who really digs her!

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