Michaele Salahi Song Snippet: "Bump It"

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Of course Michaele Salahi is starting a singing career.

The White House-crashing, Real Housewives of D.C.-starring, attention-loving waste of Oxygen tells Radar Online she has released a single titled "Bump It."

“It’s an amazing dance song, and it highlights the party animal in everyone!” Michaele said. “I titled the song Bump It because I love dancing and bumping it on the dance floor! I got so caught up with the rhythm, that my music just feels like a magical prism.”

Available today on iTunes, the song's lyrics rival the beautiful prose of Kim Kardashian's "Turn It Up." Among the words Salahi spouts:

Like I’m so hot and like, you’re so not. The speakers on blast, let the techno rock. Everybody in the club make your way to the front, rhythm is the bass that will make the crowd jump.

Amen, sister. Amen.


jack123 the guy who produced and recorded her is jewish..just F.Y.I with your ignorance and racism.


Narcissistic no-talent


I don't see how she and her husband are taken seriously by ANYONE anymore!! They've swindled and crashed, cheated and dashed, faked and cried, and just flat out lied.....(I'm afraid to rhyme anymore since she's now squealing and calling herself a "singer" and she's so ignorant she'd probably think I was praising her and she'd turn it into a friggin song!) These two are the stuff under the sludge at the bottom of the barrel and they need to go away.....FAR, FAR AWAY! The only thing they're addicted to is ATTENTION and, even the fame whore "Dr. Drew" can't cure that, but WE can--by IGNORING THEM BOTH!!!!!


pathetic. gotta have all that racket so you can't hear her no singing voice.


cuz bLaCk "producerz" tell theze folks they can sing... a couple of plug ins, some auto-tune and there u go!! OY VEY!!


Why all of a sudden does every no talent reality "star" think they can sing and have a future in music? Who is telling these people that they are good and should release a single? Whoever told them that lied. Maybe Michaele, Kim K and Heidi should tour together. Since no one would buy tickets to hear them sing they could simply torture each other with their songs. No one else would have to listen to it and maybe they would see (or hear) that they are really, really bad and quit!


Please go far far away and never return. You are an embarassment to al of us who suffer from MS.


oh jesus christ, another no talentless "housewife" trying to extend her 15 minutes..... FYI lady no one wants to hear you sing,know what you and your crooked husband are up to. Thank god Bravo got smart and cancelled your show.


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