MET Fashion Face-Off: Rihanna vs. Gwyneth Paltrow

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Rihanna and Gwyneth Paltrow. You don't get much more opposite than that when it comes to fashion, but they're both worthy contenders in this Fashion Face-Off.

At least night's MET Institute Costume Gala, the fashion icons looked every bit the part, although with dramatically different styles, as you would probably expect.

Previously, we matched up Taylor Swift and Blake Lively. Now, decide the winner of a couture clash featuring the "S&M" singer and an award-winning actress:

Fashion Face-Off!

Who looked better at the MET Gala, Rihanna or Gwyneth? Vote in our survey below to determine the style champion! View Poll »


Bitches and hoes you all wish you were in riri shoes right now, she has it all the looks, talent, everything you name it, and shies from the Caribbean so the hell with all you'll stupid people that has nothing to do but hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rihanna's dress is hideous! She has always looked great before now. It seems she is getting sloppy. Better shape up Grl!


I frankly don't like either!! Doesn't look good on either and would never wore this shit!


What are you guys talking about? Rihana looks like an edgy punk goddess here. Gwynneth looks like a boring mom. I'm tired of the whole classy lady girl-next-door thing.


EWW, what is wrong with rihanna! she realy needs to tone herself up. gweneth looks beautiful. rihanna should get some fashion tips from gweneth. she'll show her how a REAL woman should dress!


Wow. I cant believe Anyone voted for rihanna. she looks Disgusting.

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