MET Fashion Face-Off: Beyonce vs. Kate Hudson

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One of the highlights from Monday night's Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art? A pregnant and engaged Kate Hudson, simply glowing!

Another noteworthy style moment? Beyonce Knowles in an Emilio Pucci dress so tight, she needed help walking up the stairs! How do you even fit in that?

Previously, we pitted Kristen Stewart and J. Lo against each other in a style showdown. Now it's Beyonce vs. Kate in THG's latest MET Fashion Face-Off:

Fashion Face-Off!

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beyonce z alwaes 100 over 100 in fashion so she luks beter lyk alwaes...


WOW don't like either! WFT is Beyonce wearing?? I know she likes to be edgy but this is freaking ugly!!


Beyonce is beautiful but the dress is awaful. Looks like she is being slowly choked.


Beyonce wins. When it comes to fashion, edgy beats the girl-next-door look 9 times out of 10.


Beyonce's dress... is fuckin hideous. I don't care who the designer is and how much dough she dishes on this thing.. UGLY!


Beyonce's Dress Is AMAZING ! She Won This Face-Off !!


Hi World... Damian Miles Hollywood 101 Show Here....When A Woman Is Pregnant She Is ALWAYS The MOST BEAUTIFUL Girl In The House...However Pregnant Women are Not To Be Judged In ANY WAY...
Just Eat Right, Drink A Lot Of Water,and Sleep! Kate You Look Darling... Your Mom Goldie Must Be Jumping For Joy! I'm Sure Of It....We All Love Goldie.. Young Hollywood Royalty But Royalty Non The Less..One Of Our Living Younger Legends...And We All Know Beyonce is Beyond Anyone's Grasp on Reality.... One Of Hollywood's Dream Girls....I'm A Freak For BEYONCE!
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